Somatic Voice: Inner Voice, Song and Digital Voice Processing

by Harald Stojan

Somatic Voice: Inner Voice, Song and Digital Voice Processing

Saturday 29th April 2023
Sunday 30th April 2023
times: 13:00 h - 17:00 h

Price: 85 €


DOCK 11, Saal 4
Kastanienallee 79
10435 Berlin

More about Harald Stojan

In this two days Workshop we will explore concepts of the inner voice as a tool to write Text, Lyric, Poetry and Song and explore how we can use digital voice manipulation technology to facilitate vocal performance that exists outside of patriarchal, ableist and conservatory notions of training and qualifications of expression.

How can digital voice processing methods facilitate methods of singing together and alone? How can it inspire our work?
How do I get connected to my inner voice as a text creation tool?

Somatic Voice: A practice that highlights and foregrounds the sensation inside the body as research, exploration and performance method. It can be understood as opposing a westernised and classical notion of singing, where external factors like pitch and precision determine how a performance is perceived.

Day 1: somatic solo and group exercises and development of text. Demonstration of digital voice processing methods like Auto-tune, formant shifting, reverbs, loop software…
Day 2: somatic solo and group exercises, further work on the text in combination with digital processing.

Please bring:

Comfortable and warm clothes to move in.
Computer (not necessarily required only if you wish to follow along, or use it for notes - we will run the audio through a central workstation)

We will provide microphones, computer and sound-system & a safe space for exploration.

Our main sequencer used will be Ableton.

This is an all-inclusive all abilities class, no prior knowledge is needed.

We endorse everybody that is interested in getting to know their voice outside of patriarchal and qualifying standards and/or is interested in digital music production in the realm of performance art to participate.

Sadly the space is not barrier-free (Stairs). If you wish to attend and need specific support please reach out to us and we will try to find a solution with you.

This workshop is the first in a series exploring digital sound processing and production in connection with somatic voice and body methods.

The series is aimed at everybody and specifically performers and artists who want to emancipate themselves in regards of incorporating digital technology in their processes, works and lives.

Photo: Steffi Retti