audiovisual performances and digital art


Michael von zur Mühlen, Fantasia Malware


Wednesday 17th January
19.00 h

DOCK 11, Saal 4
Kastanienallee 79, 10435 Berlin

free entry

The REALTIME AFFAIRS event series is a regular meet-up for artists, designers and interested audiences who are passionate about audiovisual performances and immersive experiences. The aim is to present formats on the interdisciplinary border of performing arts, gaming and media art. The format initiated by DOCK 11 Digital, in collaboration with the Berlin University of the Arts, is intended to function as a regular meeting point, hosting discussion formats, try-out presentations and panels. Our goal is to create a vibrant space for sharing ideas, supporting each other and exploring novel approaches.

Michael von zur Mühlen, Fantasia Malware

Introducing Michael von zur Mühlen at our second edition of Realtime Affairs! As a visionary director for theatre and opera, Michael stands at the forefront of integrating new media into the performing arts. He'll provide exclusive insights into his creative processes, including his latest work "Opera - A Future Game," which recently won the Faust Theater Prize. His innovative approach merges stagecraft, contemporary drama, and interactive gaming into multifaceted experiments, pushing the boundaries of what future theater could be. Join us for his talk and panel discussion on the 17th of January at Saal 4 - DOCKdigital!

Fantasia Malware is an experimental video game label & collective based in Berlin. Together we develop & publish video games, performances and chaotic, corrupt software. From project to project, we explore a wide range of subject matters, including online dating, gender identity, sexuality, sibling relationships, the colonial history of food & more. Our hyperchromatic aesthetics reflect our experience of
contemporary digital culture - one of chaotic stimulation. We run an event series called Fantasia Malware Presents that aims to bring video games & live performance together. This develops on our interest in making video games an interdisciplinary collective experience. We have also developed several video games which are intended to be played live for an audience with a cast of performers. Fantasia Malware has grown out of the fizzing underbelly of video games - a late capitalist medium wrenched free from the grasp of the marketing team to make boundless alien dream worlds