Mixed Reality and Motion Capture technology

Contact–> wr@dock-digital.de

DOCKdigital works a lot with motion capture and mixed reality technologies. But how to combine these two technologies in Real Time?

During this lab, you will dive into motion recording, learn what is Network Protocol, Open Sound Control Protocol, and thus learn how you can transfer data from one visual program to another.

The main focus will be to transfer the data from Rokoko Studio (motion capture program) to Unity Server which will send 3-dimensional axes data to the VR glasses (Oculus Quest 2).

In this lab you will be encouraged to realize your ideas for the mini-project in groups, to think about the workflow for your future digital works, as well as to have fun together, while researching and answering to the most obscure questions.

What to expect from this lab:

*Motion capture recording / Rokoko motion capture recordings / cleaning Data


*OSC / Networking Protocols

*Blender retargeting

*Development of MR applications for the Oculus Quest 2 with Unity 3D

*A relaxed atmosphere in which to develop together. The lab content is strongly oriented towards interests of participants

Any knowledge of programming and 3D modeling is more than welcome