audiovisuelle Performances

Sonic Bridges

three multi-channel audio performances and artist talks

Sonic Bridges

13. July, 2024, 19:00 h

19:30 doors 20:00 beginning
10 € donation

DOCK 11, Saal 4
Kastanienallee 79, 10435 Berlin

"Sonic Bridges" presents three multi-channel audio performances and artist talks and followed discussion, that delve into archival research, folklore, archtectural buildings, old materials as a way to re-connect to the past and re-interprete within today's context. The performers, hailing from Belarus, Ukraine (Crimea), and Armenia, bring distinct perspectives rooted in their territories' shared history. By utilizing materials related to memory and the dynamics of remembrance and forgetting, each project offers a unique sonic reimagination of the material.

This live performances and talk will be livestreamed on

Oleksandra Kopelyan is a sound artist and performer from Sevastopol, Ukraine, currently based in Berlin. Her music project is known as growthrings. Frequently used artistic means include field and archive recordings, radio and noise, tape recorders, synthesized and acoustic timbres. Oleksandra is former member of a Ukrainian folklore ensemble and the Berlin-based Bulgarian choir Bulcanto. Performing both solo and with other artists, she aims to expand her sonic palette and methods of interaction between performers. The most significant project to date has been the audiovisual installation ‘Heraclea’ (Berlin, February 2024), inspired by hauntology as a music genre and philosophical concept.

Varoujan Chetirian is a Swiss-Armenian sound artist and researcher based in Berlin. Project "The distance between" is based on researches made in a massif abandoned space complex in the Armenian mountains. Once directed towards the cosmos, the telescopes are now echoing the sounds of the birds living around. This lost industrial and scientific functionality, replaced by a mirror of our terrestrial life offers a merging of the physical but also cultural, sonic perceptionof space-time. Next to his practice as an artist, he works as a mix/master engineer and sound designer for various formats. He’s also active as a curator, currently preparing the first sound art/experimental music festival which will happen in October in Yerevan, Armenia.

Aliaksandra Yakubouskaya is an artist and performer from Belarus. She combines atmospheric ambient soundscapes with deconstructed rhythms and synthetic sounds based on field recordings and vocals, stories, lullabies. She composes various kinds of mediums and materials for exploring the interconnectivity and in-betweenness. She will present project "Unvoiced Territories" This project investigates the concept of intersubjectivity within the context of the Belarusian language, traditional singing, and their intersection with digital interpretation of oral tradition through artificial intelligence. By means of a system with vocals she aims to establish an environment where vocal entities engage in mutual listening, echoing, conversing through a call-and-response duet of “languages”. As the movement passes through and out of individual bodies, as well as between bodies, spaces, borders and encycle them, while tracing. From the present to its representation, from "real time" to deferred time, from the livable to the (in)animate in digital spaces.
curated by Aliaksandra Yakubouskaya