About us


DOCK 11 since 1994

DOCK 11: this social sculpture is unique in Berlin: space for dance, life and communication in all phases of life, for children's dance to professional training, for deep roots in the neighborhood to branching out into the whole world, for origins in expressive dance to contemporary research, from a time without a fixed connection to the DOCKdigital Lab, for first choreographic attempts to international careers, for East-West city history from the Wende to today, for the internationalization of the city to the gentrification of Prenzlauer Berg. From one studio in 1994 to 11 studios and 2 locations in 2023, for rehearsals, performances and classes. DOCK 11 and the EDEN***** are worldwide known anchor locations for dance, dance history, dance production.

The aim of the archive is to raise awareness for - dance history of Berlin of the last 30 years - the development of the city especially of the districts Prenzlauer Berg and Mitte - East-West, social, political - real estate and gentrification - project development - internationalization by low cost carriers - that people, actors from different decades meet and exchange. If necessary, to form new alliances, working relationships. - The goal is to organize the 30-year DOCK 11 archive and make it permanently accessible digitally.