Moving Alchemy

with Sara Shelton Mann

Moving Alchemy

Dates: August 8 - 12
10am - 1pm

Place: EDEN Studio 150.1
Breite Strasse 43
13187 Berlin

Cost: 175 - 200 euros
if there is space 40 euro drop ins


Sara will be reviewing several of her practices/as well as bringing new research from the last year.
Possible menu: Solo, Neutral, Follow/ Space and Geometry/10 ways/ journey to the message center/ writing and dancing as scenario/implied direction, e-fur/directional changes/special gaps.
The classes will include: Chi Cultivation - A series of movement and breath exercises that articulate the spine, work the muscles, touch all the meridians, and will raise your physical energy and your consciousness. It is accumulative, creating long term strength and vitality. You become more aware, alive, ready, and willing. Here are practices that I share that have been passed down by Qigong masters

These classes are open to all levels.

Sara Shelton Mann has created a substantial body of work over a 55-year career as a dancer and choreographer. From 1979 to 1996, She directed the San Francisco-based company Contraband in a series of unique, immersive performances that came to represent a Bay Area performance aesthetic.
As a process choreographer, her work is deeply collaborative and interdisciplinary with a focus on weaving stories, experiences, and provocations into improvisational movement scores with a deep commitment to experimenting with new methods and mediums for presenting dance. Like many artists who have spent a lifetime in the heart of their craft, Mann has come to believe that the exploration of dance forms a vital collective heritage that transcends the artifact of performance. Through this colorful heritage of training and dance, Mann seeks to facilitate the emergence of the next generation of Bay Area dance voices.
My art is of a piece with my healing work and political engagement: it is meant to reveal and transmit the story of our collective humanity—our potential for excellence, our danger—in a time of global change, chaos, and paradigm shift. It is an antidote to fear, doubt, and greed as the face of who we are.