Moved by Voice: Awareness in Movement and Voice

by Joris Camelin

Moved by Voice: Awareness in Movement and Voice

06, 07, 08th October

Friday: 19-22:00 h
Sat&Sun: 11-16:00 h

Fee: Sliding scale 160-200 euros.

EDEN Studio 150.2
Breite Straße 43
13187 Berlin


Self-discovering and softening through breathing and voicing - an invitation to increase self-confidence and to develop your ability to use and enjoy movement and your use of voice.
A joyful effort towards more freedom.
I dearly invite you...
Invite yourself :-)

Rhythms, harmony, fluidity, individuality, togetherness...
A Modern Ritual, consisting of a series of exercises leading you to soften, unleash your creativity, and eventually unlock what is still being held.

Offering exercises that may help you to be aware of your posture, your place in the room. Using the presence of the physical surrounding and of other participants as stimuli to set the body in motion.

Encouraged to be "moved" and to let go of the desire to control. Extending improvisations. Blending in with movement and sound.

Inclusive listening to sounds and inclusive movement invites you to do rather than to judge. Focusing on the joy and simplicity of what you dare to put out in space.

You are invited to dive into the pleasure of doing, observing it and letting your skills grow with as less goals as possible. In other words - willing rather than wanting.

The journey brings you to:
-reconnect with the simple pleasure of dancing and singing.

  • sharpen your sens of space, time and rhythm.
  • think less to feel more.
  • develop your creativity, positiveness and playfulness: self-empowerment.
  • develop the ability to feel compassion, to help others, to support, to give and receive.
  • For Artists, performers, actors, dancers, the work aim to reset certain fundamentals of the actual being on stage. Relation to the audience, to the partners, to the space, a specific way to deal with material/text. And of course it is about freedom on stage, freedom with one self.

[ Reservation ]

  • Due to very limited number of participants, please reserve your seat beforehand at
  • Your reservation will be completed only after half or full amount of payment has been made.
  • Payment with bank transferring, paypal and cash directly at the door are accepted.

[ Cancelation ]
In case you can not attend the journey, please find the replacement yourself as your spot is fully transferable. We try to do our best to fill your spot, but if we can not, please understand that no refunds will be given due to shortage of time. Thank you.

credit photo: diethild meier