Moved by Voice: Awareness in Movement and Voice

by Joris Camelin

Moved by Voice: Awareness in Movement and Voice

DOCK 11, Kastanienallee 79, 10435 Berlin
12.+13.03.2022 DOCK 11 Saal 2
14.+15.05.2022 DOCK 11 Saal 2
02.+03.07.2022 DOCK 11 Saal 2


Time frame:
Sat&Sun: 11:00 – 16:00.
Fee: 2 days 120 euros

Self-discovering and softening through breathing and voicing,
a gentle invitation to people lacking confidence, mistrusting there voice and there being.

The work develops your ability to use and enjoy the movement and the voice.
Rhythms, harmony, fluidity, individuality, togetherness…
We launch a Modern Ritual, a series of exercises leading you to unleash your creativity, soften and eventually unlock what is still being hold..

Exercises bringing you to realise your posture, your place into the room.
Using the architecture and the people as stimuli to set the body in motion.
Being “moved” and letting go of the desire of controlling.

Extending improvisations.
Blending in into movement and sounds.
Inclusive listening and inclusive moving in order not to judge.

The journey brings you to:

– sharpen your connection to the space, time and rhythm.
– be more in the present time.
– think less to feel more.
– enhance feelings of freedom.
– develop your creativity, positiveness and playfulness: self-empowerment.
– develop the ability to feel compassion, to help others, to support, to give and receive.

If you are a dancer or if you don’t know how to move, if you are a singer or if you are afraid of your voice, if you are a cook, a mechanic, a wonderer, a wanderer, a musician, actor, please come and push the door with all willingness and curiosity.

For Artists, performers, actors, dancers, the work aim to reset certain fundamentals of the actual being on stage. Relation to the audience, to the partners, to the space, a specific way to deal with a choreography, with a text. And of course it is about freedom on stage, freedom with one self.

« There is a space around us full of colours, shapes, sounds and of course, People.
There is a space in each of us for silence, poetry and beauty.
There is a beauty in offering, in sharing, in allowing ourselves to be touched and moved by our surrounding.
With playfulness and surrendering, we dim out the noise of the thoughts by letting go in the power of our senses.
We find ways to take down our mechanism of fear.
We switch between inner and outer awareness.
We step away from social conventions to softly fall into humanity.
Our Journey is a celebration of the encounter.
We will go for voicing rather than singing,
Moving rather than dancing,
Away from the fear of failing, the fear of falling,
Away from ideas of aesthetic or technics,
All for the sake of freeing, connecting and playing,
Playing a soft, honest and deep game.
Come and join,
with your desire of searching,
your curiosity and your doubts,
just as you are. »

[ Fee ]
120 EUR

[ Reservation ]
• Due to very limited number of participants, please reserve your seat beforehand at
• Your reservation will be completed only after half or full amount of payment has been made.
• Payment with bank transferring, paypal and cash directly at the door are accepted.

[ Cancelation ]
In case you can not attend the journey, please find the replacement yourself as your spot is fully transferable. We try to do our best to fill your spot, but if we can not, please understand that no refunds will be given due to shortage of time.

Joris Camelin: dancer-performer-improviser.
Collaborated among others with choreographers such as Meg Stuart, Laurent Chetouane, Constanza Macras and Mark Tompkins.
Currently giving workshops and coaching for academies, festivals and various projects around Europe, collaborating with people from many different fields (dancers, actors, musicians, architects and visual artists…).