Intensive Summer Dance Workshop with Ichi Go


Wo? DOCK 11 Saal 1 (Kastanienallee 79 10435 Berlin)

Wann? Sat.16.July 2022 at 11h&15h and more...

You are very welcome to reach us to consult and register now.
Ichi Go: / 030 4074 4615



For all level
Fee: 25/*20 Euro

II. Go Further with "Baum-Bär-Bauch"
Advanced / Co-creation with Live music 14h-17h
Fee: 35/*30 Euro

III. OPEN-End: ”We will See”
Salon / Session / Sharing your styles with Guests
17h30 (max.20h)

Donation to drop in / Free for participants of training
ALLDAY PASS 55 /45 Euro
Discounted prices for professional dancers and students.

Was ist „Baum-Bär-Bauch”?
First, take a deep breath, develop a centered awareness. The sound of your breath will prompt an impulse to move. Next, allow the volume of your breath to inspire further movement. We call this the BEAR. The movement partner is grounded, providing direction through contact.
We call this the TREE. Moving intuitively, both the BEAR and TREE establish their own natural way of moving. This original, uninhibited movement is called the BELLY. With breath, the two partners will explore movement along each other’s central axis, or TRUNK. This will develop into further improvisation

Wer ist Ichi Go?
Born in Japan and raised in California, Ichi Go began dancing as soon as she could walk. Returning to Japan, she took classes with the Fuji Mieko Modern Dance Company, with whom she also performed. This intensive mentoring and collaboration with one of the most famous dance companies gave her a solid foundation for developing her personal style. In her mid-20s, she was forced to give up professional dancing for several years and pursue other things. In 2013 she decided to move to Berlin to put her artistic practice back at the center of her life with renewed passion. Since then, she has worked extensively as a dancer and dance teacher, both in the EU and internationally.
-She has founded her own company, ELEKTRO KAGURA.
-Since 2014 she has been working with the opera company NOVOFLOT, taking on the challenge of reconstructing the form of opera.
At the Corona Disaster, she received several grants from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media to explore physical techniques that combine breathing, vocalization and dance.


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