By Alexander Carrillo


September 3th & 4th. 2022
Saturday & Sunday, 10:30 - 17:00

Where: DOCK 11
Kastanienallee 79
10435 Berlin

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Total 13 hours (Please, reserve 30 minutes more)
120 Euros
Early pay 3 weeks before 110 Euros

Subject: Relationships
I ask myself if I have a moment of silence in my daily life, if I am aware of who I am, of what I do, of my spirituality and if I take enough care of myself: eating, reading, partying, having sex, sharing... in my relationships... or if I am "ALONE" living without attention to my present moment and love. I invite you to work in “GROUP” from the YOUR OWN present moment. Wondering: DO I WORK IN MY PERFORMATIVE life, physicality, childhood and WILD CHILD inside of me? On my daily life. Do am I present? and aware on, HOW DOES MY BODY FEEL NOW? And WHAT CAN MY BODY DOES NOW? We will reflect on this in a personalized, conscience and performative way. Through improvisation, purely technical tools, and rigorous research. This workshop aims to support participants in processing their internal organic sensations, presenting them externally in clear choreographic and performative forms. We start from the physical disarticulation, emotional states, and specific question each day. Integrating the present energy, with the mind full of body, and spirit using changes in time and space simultaneously. My workshops can become a party in itself, a funeral, a catharsis, a wedding, a ritual… I INVITE YOU TO BE YOUR OWN PERFORMER.

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A contemporary dance techniques. Movement practices & Research composition. States of Humans: Emotional states & Physical States

CUERPO PRESENTE: The Inner Beast is the study engine proposed by Alexander Carrillo. Contemporary dance techniques and practices, research in movement and composition. Alexander, based on his research with dance, art, shamanism, meditation and other knowledge has developed training and work methods from different perspectives that provide the performing artist and / or participant with basic personal construction tools and scenic elements. His work invites us to get to know our internal animal, which naturally follows the path of its physical, mental, emotional and spiritual actions. Giving us the opportunity to get closer to different reflections of life through movement, art and other tools. Challenging our physical and mental conditions for a better healthy understanding of our present.

CONTEXT: Human beings are in a constant search in life to know how to continue the path we are on. There is a clear connection between finding our own way, our relationships and our daily actions. We are constantly looking for personal or group goals that are influenced by different physical, mental, emotional and Spiritual states. Each one altered by the other in different ways and in different fields of action. How to integrate these states? Alexander reflect in “together”: When we stay together, we can face our fears, our reality, and create a new version of ourselves. Of our bodies, our physicality (whatever it is). Today in the time that we are facing in society as humans and in our personal-indviduals goals. Alexander is looking forward to support you with clear themes and intentions not only in the dance. Acceptance, strength, mental abilities, confidence in yourself, and trust in others, are tools of personal growth. It is not just a movement workshop; we are mind, body, and spirit in constant transformation. Within these encounters, he invites you to move your body under the consciousness of love.
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