BUTOH WORKSHOP ‘Materiality’

with Natsuko Kono

Dates: 21st-22nd-23rd March 2022
Time: 10h-14h
Venue: EDEN***** Studio 150.1, Breite Strasse 43, 13187 Berlin

Fee: 150€

In this workshop, we explore how Butoh uses material substances as particular Imagery
through which to objectify and transform the body.
For example. “walk as smoke” or “pillar of ash” standing, walking and falling as ash.
It is not a case of miming in a way that signifies “smoke” or “ash” but be involved in a
transformational process that altered our existence on stage.

Open level
The workshop will be given in English.

Natsuko Kono
Dancer, Dance Teacher and Choreographer
Born and grew up in Kobe, Japan
Studied Performing Arts, Dance at the Birkbeck University of London
Worked with Butoh Artists Yumiko Yoshioka, Katsura Kan, Tadashi Endo in their dance
productions and in an Opera by Doris Dörrie
Performed as a solo artist at Paris Butoh Festival, Dublin Butoh Festival, Moving Bodies
Festival and many more
Invited for Butoh workshops held in England, France, Switzerland, Italy, Ireland, Scotland,
Portugal, Serbia, Romania and Japan
Has lived and worked in Berlin/Rügen since 2015
Founded ‘Butoh Initiative’ in 2016 as a long-term training project

photo: Karsten Bartel