with Nir de Volff / TOTAL BRUTAL


January 05/06/07 2023
From 10.30am till 15.00pm

Place: EDEN***** Studios
Breite Strasse 43, 13187 Berlin

Fee: 185€
One day possible in special cases for the fee of 85€


Places are limited !!

The yearly International open workshop in Berlin

Choreograph Nir de Volff invites all divers people, dancers, actors, acrobat, non dancers regardless to their body type, body condition, age and previous experiance.

BBM focus on somatic areas which we attend to often ignore and asks to bring them alive.The workshop focus on how do we use the air that we are breathing into our body? How can we improve, change the way we use the breath? How can we reach new creative spaces in the body? A simple jet complex questions.
The method aimed to research for harmonized coordination between the body and the emotional system of us humans. 
BBM  leads the body and the mind to search for(a honest) connection between the three elements:nervous system, breathing respiratory system and mind. As more as we reach the hidden spaces in the body, reach dark emotional spaces that are not „breathing“ the more life we breathe into them, bring them alive, clean them, define our personal inner energy, inner rhythm, get rid of bad physical habits and redefine, refresh the energy of our living body.

With original exercises, de Volff's method stimulating freedom and honesty in the bodies of the individual. It demands to neglect self judgement. Through the participants exploration of this technique other byproducts may appear, whether that be social, or (positive) psychological effects.

Nir de Volff  has been invited to prestige dance center around the world. De Volff’s style offers new dimension for movements, new exploration of the body „as we know it“. The method, the search for a total freedom of the muscles, leads participants to a new physical sensational and expand their borders. It aloud creativity to be daily explored in the studio with the notion of leaving behind limitations.The method fits all kind of people, body-type and age of both professional or none professional.