Drei Wochen Filme von POOL – INTERNATIONALES TanzFilmFestival BERLIN

Filmreihe Woche 1 # 16. – 22.4.20
Filmreihe Woche 2 # 23.- 29.4.20
Filmreihe Woche 3 # 30.4. – 6.5.20

Die Türen der Theaterhalle des DOCK 11 bleiben voraussichtlich noch bis zum 6. Mai für das Publikum geschlossen, um die weitere Verbreitung des Corona-Virus zu verlangsamen. Dafür öffnet sich der digitale Raum und wir freuen uns, über drei Wochen eine Auswahl faszinierender Tanzfilmproduktionen des internationalen Tanzfilmfestivals POOL an dieser Stelle präsentieren zu können.

Jede Woche am Donnerstag beginnt eine neue Reihe mit Filmen, die bei vergangenen Ausgaben von POOL gezeigt wurden. Start der ersten Reihe ist am 16. April um 19.00 Uhr. Die Filme sind dann jeweils für 7 Tage online verfügbar.

Die POOL 20 Spring Edition stimmt auch auf das diesjährige POOL Festival ein, das vom 8. bis zum 12. September 2020 im DOCK 11 stattfinden wird. Filmeinreichungen sind ab sofort unter www.pool-festival.de möglich.

Wir möchten uns ganz herzlich bei allen beteiligten Künstler*innen bedanken.

Filmreihe Woche 1 # 16. – 22.4.20


Pearl 07.10.17

Christian Weber

USA-MX 2016, 00:04:00

Is a performance that illustrates the inner conflict of the protagonist, Dalel. Her body movements are reflective of her inner voice and the conflict she is experiencing while batting personal demons.

#Director: Christian Weber
#Country of Production: USA-MX
#Year of Production: 2016
#Duration: 00:04:00
#Choreography: Dalel Bacre
#Dancers / Actors: Dalel Bacre
#Camera: Christian Weber
#Editing: Charlie Harvey


Programme 06.09.2019

Daniele Caetano de Moura

Brazil 2017, 0:01:26

In an intimate hiding-place, two bodies reveals the shadows of their innocent love.

#Title: Apartment 502
#Director: Daniele Caetano de Moura
#Country of Production: Brazil
#Year of Production: 2017
#Duration: 0:01:26
#Choreography: Natasha Vergilio
#Dancers / Actors: Natasha Vergilio, Daniele Caetano de Moura
#Camera: Daniele Caetano de Moura
#Editing: Natasha Vergilio, Daniele Caetano de Moura


Programme 06.09.2019

Teddy Tedholm

USA 2018, 0:04:58

Don’t Miss It“ uses typical glitches in filming to create heightened musicality in dancing.

#Title: Don’t Miss It
#Director: Teddy Tedholm
#Country of Production: USA
#Year of Production: 2018
#Duration: 0:04:58
#Choreography: Teddy Tedholm
#Dancers / Actors: Teddy Tedholm
#Camera: Teddy Tedholm
#Editing: Teddy Tedholm
#Music: James Blake
#Webpage of the Artist: www.tedtedperformance.com


Pearl 12

Rain Kencana

Germany 2012, 00:03:15

Kadir „Amigo“ Memis & Andrea Böge zeigen mit „Maktub“ ein Duo, dessen Ausgangsmaterial der HipHop ist, den Böge mit Flamenco und (der in der Türkei geborene) Amigo virtuos mit Zeybek kombiniert. Die Frage nach kultureller Herkunft bekommt hier tänzerisch Kontur. Gleichzeitig geht es ihnen um das Verhältnis von Mann und Frau.

#Title: Maktub
#Director: Rain Kencana
#Country of Production: Germany
#Year of Production: 2012
#Duration: 00:03:15
#Choreography: Kadir Memis aka Amigo, Flying Steps, Andrea Böge
#Dancers / Actors: Amigo, Andrea Böge
#Camera: Jalaludin Trautmann
#Editing: Rain Kencana
#Music: Vincent von Schlippenbach
#Signature: PE12 01


PEARL 07.09.2019

Charles Linehan

United Kingdom, Lithuania 2018, 00:09:45

The Shadow Drone Project began as a collaboration between choreographer Charles Linehan and Lithuanian aerialphotographer Karolis Janulis, filming planned and unplanned events in civic and natural environments from an unmanned aerial vehicle.
Shot in morning or late afternoon sunshine, the aerial viewpoint offers a unique cinematic perspective of dynamic patterning, where shadows of people and objects are sometimes revealed to be more present than their actual form.
The film also deliberately identifies with the same viewpoint as surveillance techniques that cross legal and national borders, occupying the same downward gaze, but here set apart from its violent and military context.

Director Statement

Shot in England, central Europe, and China during a two-year period the film can be seen as presenting a series of tensions or oppositional couples.
An impression of ambiguity is created as to the extent or limit of the choreographic organisation, posing the question of where the boundary lies between the organised and the non-organised. The impression created is of a ubiquity of the choreographic; the sense that all of the depicted elements are somehow subject to deliberate organisation, even the non-human kinetic material, like the flocking of birds, or the patterning in water.
The film occupies the same space that is shared with globalised militarisation and surveillance – crossing both legal and national borders but in a non-violent and non-military context.

„I see dance and film making as a deeply personal, gestural and life-affirming act“.
Charles Linehan

#Title: The Shadow Drone Project
#Director: Charles Linehan
#Country of Production: United Kingdom, Lithuania
#Year of Production: 2018
#Duration: 00:09:45
#Choreography: Charles Linehan
#Camera: Charles Linehan, Karolis Janulis
#Sound: J.Clark


Programme 05.09.2019

Berit Einemo Frøysland, Anna Einemo Frøysland
Germany 2019, 00:00:43

Snippet from rehearsals on „A study in the language games of Wittgenstein“

#Title: Snippet
#Director: Berit Einemo Frøysland, Anna Einemo Frøysland
#Country of Production: Germany
#Year of Production: 2019
#Duration: 00:00:43
#Choreography: Anna Einemo Frøysland, Berit Einemo Frøysland
#Dancers / Actors: Anna Einemo Frøysland, Berit Einemo Frøysland
#Camera: Underskin Photography
#Editing: Underskin Photography
#Sound: Underskin Photography



Jonathan Sanchez

Germany 2017, 00:01:26

A mystic encounter with the forces that build universe. The silhouette of a non-human. What is a king ? Who or What do you surrender to ?

Molimo is a journey in search of the other through legends and myths.

#Title: Molimo
#Director: Jonathan Sanchez
#Country of Production: Germany
#Year of Production: 2017
#Duration: 00:01:26
#Choreography: Sita Ostheimer
#Dancers / Actors: Manuel Molino
#Camera: Jonathan Sanchez
#Editing: Jonathan Sanchez
#Music: Jonathan Sanchez
#Signature: Jonathan Sanchez



Johan Planefeldt

Germany 2019, 00:02:20

Two dancers possessed by the Bandaloop.

#Title: Bandaloop
#Director: Johan Planefeldt
#Production: HOLYTROPIC, Rita Couto
#Country of Production: Germany
#Year of Production: 2019
#Duration: 00:02:20
#Choreography: Johan Planefeldt, Shiran Eliaserov, Ardian Hartono, Kyoko Takenaka
#Dancers / Actors: Ardian Hartono, Kyoko Takenaka
#Camera: Johan Planefeldt
#Editing: Johan Planefeldt, Shiran Eliaserov
#Music: Forest Swords


Programme 11.09.15

Nikodem Wojciechowski

Poland 2015, 00:21:00

Void like any other perfection, is unstable. So unstable that with a little luck it can give birth to something quite substantial – the universe, star, planet or even conscious mind. Void will eventually use it as a tool to find out about its own existence.

SPACE NOTHING MORE video is a mix of dance, cosmology, science fiction and philosophy. 

#Title: Space Nothing More
#Director: Nikodem Wojciechowski
#Country of Production: Poland
#Year of Production: 2015
#Duration: 00:21:00
#Choreography: Katarzyna Król-Woźniak, Małgorzata Werbińska, Piotr Skalski
#Dancers / Actors: Katarzyna Król-Woźniak, Małgorzata Werbińska, Piotr Skalski
#Camera: Nikodem Wojciechowski
#Editing: Nikodem Wojciechowski
#Sound: Marcin Janus
#Music: Marcin Janus
#Signature: P15 16


Programme 05.10.17

Gabriela Alcofra, Billy Cowie

UK 2014, 00:03:00

In 1930ies Rio de Janeiro the young Gabriela realises she has the ability to stop time.

#Title: Tango Brazil
#Director: Gabriela Alcofra, Billy Cowie
#Country of Production: UK
#Year of Production: 2014
#Duration: 00:03:00
#Choreography: Billy Cowie, Gabriela Alcofra
#Dancers / Actors: Gabriel Alcofra
#Camera: Billy Cowie
#Editing: Billy Cowie, Gabriela Alcofra
#Sound: Billy Cowie
#Music: Billy Cowie
#Signature: P17 10


Programme 12.09.14

The House of ia

USA 2014, 00:07:29

Performed and Filmed in the Summer of 2012 in Austin, TX and revisited in the Spring of 2014, Jesus Tiger is an investigation in the ritualization of spontaneity, a bestride of whim, and a voyage through masking our notions of being seen. Jesus Tiger is… a witness.

#Title: Jesus Tiger
#Director: The House of ia
#Country of Production: USA
#Year of Production: 2014
#Duration: 00:07:29
#Dancers / Actors: kb Thomason (THOI), Jillayne Hunter (THOI), Alejandra Almuelle, Brandi Jo Perkins, Lila “litos lindos”
#Camera: Jillayne Hunter, kb Thomason (The House of ia)
#Editing: kb Thomason (The House of ia)
#Sound: Arranged by The House of ia
#Music: María Sabina, performing a Ceremony of Mazatec Indians of Mexico, Recorded by V. P. & R. G. Wasson in Huautla de Jiménez, in the Mazatec Mountains in the northern corner of the State of Oaxaca, July 21, 1956.
#Signature: P14 13


PEARL 07.09.2019

Julien Audebert

France 2016, 00:10:16

MARS & VENUS opposition phases, is an unique sequence-shot about celestial mechanics, the machinery of cinema anddance. It is a sound film about appearances and reality, an experience about the place of the viewer.Beyond the geometric and scientific project basis, the film develops a tension between the relentless astronomicalmeasurement, and the body of a dancer. The body and the machinery (incarnation of the celestial mechanics) are caught in adialectical relationship of agreement and struggle.

The film is a unique sequence-shot picturing the encounter between astronomy, dance and the mytholigical theme of Venus and Mars. Venus is embodied by the prima ballerina of the Opera in Paris, Alice Renavand. Mars on the other hand is the cameraitself.The film replicates the actual orbits of the two planets then scaled down to the human body. The transposition of their revolving speed and path was calculated in collaboration with the Paris Observatory astronomers.
Both ‘actors’, camera and dancer, move around space as their trajectory and own time periods dictate. Mars follows a circlingand infinite movement on an outside rail track 10 meters in diameter, as Venus move along a smaller inner circle only 4.73 meters across which is slightly stilted. Mars gazes towards the centre, thus in the direction of Venus.
The camera is remote-controlled by a automatic HF system for it to move at a perfectly regular speed. The concept engineer specifically designed a programme intended for such a filming system. Venus / dancer evolving at a faster pace hence mapping her moves on a rhythm which corresponds to the sound division of hertime period ( guided by floor marks) thus allowing her to follow her own cadence. Beyond the relationship between these twoastral bodies, the film shows an astronomical phenomenon never before witnessed at the cinema: the planets’ opposition phaseand Venus devolution that is to say the relativity of movement … placing us in the situation of a «spectator astronomer».

#Title: Mars & Venus, phases d’opposition
#Director: Julien Audebert
#Country of Production: France
#Year of Production: 2016
#Duration: 00:10:16
#Choreography: Alice Renavand, Alexandre Gasse, Julien Audebert
#Dancers / Actors: Alice Renavand
#Camera: Alexandre Parouty

Filmreihe Woche 2 # 23.- 29.4.20


PEARL 07.09.2019

Jill Crovisier

Taiwan 2018, 00:03:13

„What would you be willing to do for them to love you?“
LOVE ME, FEAR ME is a dance metaphor about the roles we play and the shapes we take, about the stages we chose, the audience we try to impress and the price of acceptance.

#Title: Love Me, Fear Me
#Director: Veronica Solomon
#Country of Production: Germany
#Year of Production: 2018
#Duration: 00:06:07
#Choreography: Martha Hincapie Charry, Gabriel Galindez Cruz, Veronica Solomon
#Camera: Veronica Solomon
#Editing: Veronica Solomon
#Sound: Veronica Solomon
#Music: Dascha Dachauer


Pearl 05.10.17

Maja Mirek

Poland 2016, 00:04:31

There is a place in the throat, where all unspoken sentences sink. How long have You been able to keep silent when You see situations You do not agree with? How many times have You been in this certain situatiion? What makes you cover the facts? Where is the border?
UNSPOKEN is the result of process of observation by analyzing the behavior and reactions to the things, which we disagree with.
In polish language we have sentence „nabra? wody w usta“ („take water in mouth“), which means „to remain tight-lipped“. Those unspoken words are no loger words. They accumulate at the height of the cervical vertebral and go deep into the sixth throatic. Terminally stuck there. They overwhelm, distort, creating the illusory reality that makes us comfortable together.

#Title: Unspoken
#Director: Maja Mirek
#Country of Production: Poland
#Year of Production: 2016
#Duration: 00:04:31
#Choreography: Patryk Jarczok
#Dancers / Actors: Patryk Jarczok
#Camera: Maja Mirek
#Editing: Maja Mirek
#Signature: P17 02


Programme 06.09.2019

Lilian Graça

Brazil 2019, 00:01:29

Abantesma bedeutet Geist, Erscheinung, Spektrum.
Sie arbeitet mit dem Experimentieren nichteuklidischer Räume mit dem Ziel, die Raumkoordinaten zu destabilisieren und so das körperliche Engagement des Zuschauers zu fördern, das durch den Verlust des Raumbezugs ausgelöst wird. Die Verwendung von nicht-euklidischem Raum im Videotanz hilft dabei, gewohnte Arten der Visualisierung aufzubrechen, indem der Sinn für räumliche Realität in Frage gestellt wird und unsere Sinne sich engagieren müssen.


#Title: Abantesma
#Director: Lilian Graça
#Country of Production: Brazil
#Year of Production: 2019
#Duration: 00:01:29
#Choreography: Lilian Graça, Danilo Lima
#Dancers / Actors: Danilo Lima
#Camera: Lilian Graça
#Editing: Lilian Graça
#Sound: Bob Bastos
#Music: Johann Sebastian Bach


PEARL 15.09.2018, ARTIST PRIZE 19

Johan Planefeldt

Germany 2014/ 2018, 00:07:20

A girl, abandoned by her cat, is wallowing in her unhappy childhood.

#Title: rotten cats
#Director: Johan Planefeldt
#Country of Production: Germany
#Year of Production: 2014/ 2018
#Duration: 00:07:20
#Choreography: Johan Planefeldt
#Dancers / Actors: Szcs Dóra Ida
#Camera: Johan Planefeldt
#Editing: Johan Planefeldt
#Music: Chikara Aoshima
#Signature: Johan Planefeldt


Amira Ramirez
Mexico 2010


Pearl 07.10.17

Adi Halfin

USA 2017, 00:02:55

A poignant tale of loss and loneliness.

#Title: True love waits
#Director: Adi Halfin
#Country of Production: USA
#Year of Production: 2017
#Duration: 00:02:55
#Dancers / Actors: Bobbi Jene Smith
#Camera: Roman Linetsky
#Editing: Adi Halfin
#Webpage of the Artist: http://www.adihalfin.com/sicality in dancing.



Jonathan Sanchez

Germany 2017, 00:02:32

I spent few hours in the corner of a small room, silently observing creatures moving.
This is what they wanted to show me…

#Title: Molimo Rehearsal Trailer
#Director: Jonathan Sanchez
#Country of Production: Germany
#Year of Production: 2017
#Duration: 00:02:32
#Choreography: Sita Ostheimer
#Dancers / Actors: Manuel Molino, Jens Schyth Brondum, Sita Ostheimer
#Camera: Jonathan Sanchez
#Editing: Jonathan Sanchez
#Music: Donald Bateille


Programme 14.09.2018

Daniel Burkhardt

Germany 2006, 00:02:42

Das Ausgangsmaterial zu wellen zeigt ein Paar als scharf gezeichnete Silhouette vor der Kulisse eines idyllischen Strandes. Schlagartig verändert sich die Atmosphäre, als eine Welle droht, die vom Boden aus filmende Kamera zu überfluten. Die monotonen Wellenbewegungen des Meeres im Hintergrund stehen im Kontrast zur linearen, narrativen Bewegung der beiden Personen. Im Schnitt wird das Auf und Ab des Meeres wiederholt: Ausgehend vom zeitlichen Mittelpunkt der Szenerie, dem Brechen der Welle,
läuft das Bildmaterial immer weiter vor und zurück. Voranschreitendes und Nachfolgendes werden sukzessive sichtbar. Im Kontext des Davor und Danach verändern sich Atmosphäre und Bedeutung des Ausgangsmomentes.

Watch the full film here: http://www.danielburkhardt.de/de/wellen/

#Title: wellen
#Director: Daniel Burkhardt
#Country of Production: Germany
#Year of Production: 2006
#Duration: 00:02:42
#Dancers / Actors: Tessa Knapp, Daniel Burkhardt
#Editing: Daniel Burkhardt
#Sound: Daniel Burkhardt
#Webpage of the Artist: http://www.danielburkhardt.de/



Johan Planefeldt

Germany 2016, 00:27:00

A dance group is working on a new dance piece where they explore emotions and altered states with powerful techniques. For Maria it gets too intense and she starts to loose herself while her boyfriend Stefan pushes to go deeper.

#Title: The Wind
#Director: Johan Planefeldt
#Country of Production: Germany
#Year of Production: 2016
#Duration: 00:27:00
#Choreography: Shiran Eliaserov
#Dancers / Actors: Leni Wesselman, Andreas Demmel
#Camera: Johan Planefeldt
#Editing: Johan Planefeldt & Shiran Eliaserov
#Sound: Shiran Eliaserov
#Signature: PE16 01

Filmreihe Woche 3 # 30.4. – 6.5.20


Programme 05.09.2019

Blue Ka Wing
Hong Kong 2019, 00:01:42
Can you give me a hand to fix my collar?

#Title: God Limps
#Director: Blue Ka Wing
#Country of Production: Hong Kong
#Year of Production: 2019
#Duration: 00:01:42
#Choreography: Blue Ka Wing
#Dancers / Actors: Blue Ka Wing
#Camera: Wilfred Wong
#Webpage of the Artist: www.bluexyellow.com/blue-ka-wing


Pearls Artist Prize 07.10.17, Programme 09.09.16

Miloushka Bokma

Netherlands 2016, 00:05:05

Winter Wende was originally a traditional pagan festival of light. It was a celebration of the days gradually became longer and the sun stronger. The midwinter festival was the feast of a farewell and a new beginning; of death and fertility. In the video work WinterWende elements of this celebration are used in a symbolic way intertwined with our customs and manners of modern times. An intimate situation changed gradually in an almost oppressive ritual.

#Title: WinterWende
#Director: Miloushka Bokma
#Country of Production: Netherlands
#Year of Production: 2016
#Duration: 00:05:05
#Camera: Theresa Kuhn
#Sound: Rutger Zuydervelt
#Signature: P16 17
#Webpage of the Artist: www.miloushkabokma.nl


Programme 14.09.2018

Anna Galinova

Russian Federation 2017, 00:04:33

A young man is agonizingly trying not to lose his loved one or is he?

#Title: I could have…
#Director: Anna Galinova
#Country of Production: Russian Federation
#Year of Production: 2017
#Duration: 00:04:33
#Dancers / Actors: Alexey Takharov, Evgeniya Mandzhieva
#Camera: Alexandr Okovitski
#Editing: Alexandr Okovitski
#Music: Cigarettes After Sex: “Nothing’s Gonna Hurt You Baby”


Programme 05.10.17

Sofoklis Kiourtzoglou

Greece 2017, 00:01:07

Silence is everywhere…

#Title: Silence
#Director: Sofoklis Kiourtzoglou
#Country of Production: Greece
#Year of Production: 2017
#Duration: 00:01:07
#Choreography: Maria Moschou
#Dancers / Actors: Maria Moschou
#Camera: Sofoklis Kiourtzoglou
#Editing: Sofoklis Kiourtzoglou
#Signature: P17 03


Pearl 07.10.17

Miloushka Bokma

Netherlands 2015, 00:06:54

Themes in this video is the meeting -the coming together of people and the farewell . 1 embrace divides into 22 different encounters.

We say each time in a different way goodbye. Farewell in the broadest sense of the word. Saying goodbye to your childhood, or your dreams and ideals, the growing apart of a friendship, a love grown cold, your child who is mature and independent and definitive goodbye that death brings.

#Title: Cycles
#Director: Miloushka Bokma
#Country of Production: Netherlands
#Year of Production: 2015
#Duration: 00:06:54
#Choreography: Miloushka Bokma
#Camera: Adam Filenz
#Colour Correction: Remi Lindenhovius
#Gaffer: Valerie Blom
#Sound: Rutger Zuydervelt
#Webpage of the Artist: www.miloushkabokma.nl


Artist Prize 07.10.17, Programme 11.09.15

Adi Halfin

Israel 2013, 00:02:00

A sensual exploration of an abandoned space, through planned and improvised work of dancers and camera. 

#Director: Adi Halfin
#Country of Production: Israel
#Year of Production: 2013
#Duration: 00:02:00
#Dancers / Actors: Batsheva ensemble dancers: Tamir Eting, Noam Eidelman, Rani Lebzelter, Shane Scopatz, Mario Bermudez Gil, Eduard Turull, Keren Lurie-Pardes, Shani Licht, Ayelet Nadav, Mariko Kakizaki, Oz Shoshan, Gil Shachar, Or Schraiber, Maya Tamir, Shaked Leibzirers, Ron Matalon, Ori Kroll
#Camera: Roman Linetsky
#Editing: Shahar Amarilio
#Signature: P15 09


Pearl 12.09.15

Natalia Sardi

Belgium 2015, 00:11:17

Partly autobiographical , “ Vecinas“ is a story of two solitudes will approach by the laws of magnetism. 

#Title: Vecinas
#Director: Natalia Sardi
#Country of Production: Belgium
#Year of Production: 2015
#Duration: 00:11:17
#Choreography: Natalia Sardi
#Dancers / Actors: Frauke Mariën, Nora Alberdi
#Camera: Lou Vernin
#Editing: Thomas Turine
#Sound: Thomas Turine
#Signature: PE15 05
#Webpage of the Artist: www.nataliasardi.com


Pears Artist Prize 15.09.2018

Jonathan Sanchez

Germany 2018, 00:03:06

Where goes the night, up to the sunrise… that’s where I belong, that’s where I’m lying down.

#Title: How to disappear completely
#Director: Jonathan Sanchez
#Country of Production: Germany
#Year of Production: 2018
#Duration: 00:03:06
#Choreography: Sita Ostheimer
#Dancers / Actors: Jonathan Sanchez
#Camera: Jonathan Sanchez
#Editing: Jonathan Sanchez
#Music: Ane Brun
#Signature: Jonathan Sanchez



Artist Prize 07.10.17, Programme 11.09.15

Adi Halfin

Israel 2013, 00:02:00

Ichi Go vertanzt ihre ambivalente Haltung zwischen Tradition und Moderne in Bezug auf ihre Weiblichkeit. Sie zeigt dabei deutlich ihr Unbehagen mit Symbolen aus beiden Welten umzugehen. Zu einem Gedicht von Shuntaro Tanikawa.

#Title: Goldfish
#Director: Rain Kencana
#Country of Production: Germany
#Year of Production: 2016
#Duration: 00:02:50
#Choreography: Ichi Go
#Dancers / Actors: Ichi Go
#Camera: Jalaludin Trautmann
#Editing: Rain Kencana
#Music: Andreas Weiser, Nevzat Akpinar
#Signature: PE16 02


Programme 06.10.17


China 2016, 00:17:18

Imagine: human beings return to their original state and conventional rules no longer applies. Imagine: human beings being objectified and the next dominating species have a completely different social system. What would the world be like? Avant-garde independent Chinese dance artist and choreographer Er Gao leads a cast of international dancers, performing in the nude in the ancient village of Huadu, to present an absurd scene born out of the irony of force-fed education and twisted social awareness. (The programme contains nudity )

#Director: Ergao
#Country of Production: China
#Year of Production: 2016
#Duration: 00:17:18
#Choreography: Ergao
#Dancers / Actors: Jerry Wang, Oliamber An, Coury Guo, Hui Wu, Ioku Ero Nikaido, Stepahine Liang, Ni Yan, Hio Mei Lou, Elisabeth Bardin, Grandee Dorji, Ergao
#Camera: Senax Feng
#Editing: J.him Lee
#Music: Yinyi
#Signature: P17 20




Shiran Eliaserov

Germany 2016, 00:05:24

#Title: Icarus
#Director: Shiran Eliaserov
#Production: Holytropic, Jake Sherman
#Country of Production: Germany
#Year of Production: 2016
#Duration: 00:05:24
#Choreography: Shiran Eliaserov
#Camera: Johan Planefeldt
#Editing: Shiran Eliaserov
#Music: “Icarus” written by Lily Henley, produced by Jake Sherman

„Kunst ist eine Addition von Einzelleistungen.“

DOCK11 EDEN*****

DOCK 11 EDEN***** ist Teil der vielfältigen
und internationalen Tanzszene und verbindet räumlich und strukturell die Bereiche Produktion, Pädagogik und Präsentation.

Die Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa unterstützt den Theaterbetrieb von DOCK 11 mit der Konzeptförderung 2020-23.



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