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Writing Workshop 3: Inner and outer journeys: on crafting text with the help of the Tarot

For this two-day workshop, Seda Niğbolu and Louise Trueheart are looking for three participants who are interested in using Tarot as a creative tool for writing.

Modern Tarot is less about fortune-telling than gaining new psychological and creative insights through the symbolic language of the cards. Using Tarot images to look at art is to filter your perception by running it through a system of archetypes. The first part of this workshop will be a facilitated encounter with the cards, their stories, and their imagery as a way to generate meaning, notably when writing about performance processes. Anna Nowicka’s piece, which premieres this summer in DOCK 11, will be its starting point.

In the first meeting (04.06.2021) we will have a short zoom conversation with Anna Nowicka and lay cards and read them together. We will explore writing exercises to activate the imagination and introduce different tarot spreads as storytelling tools. The participants will begin to work on a text (any genre is welcome) which they will finish before the second meeting one week later. The second session (11.06.2021) will go deeper into the labor of editing and crafting a draft into a finished piece. Your texts will be shared with the group and we will exchange views, thoughts and tools for reworking the written, keeping our experience with the Tarot in the background. Knowledge of the Tarot is not necessary. Writing proficiency is also not necessary, but enthusiasm about developing skills as a writer and learning together is a must.

Applications: Please send your applications including a short CV and a letter of interest (both max.

1000 characters including spaces) until 12.05.2021 to:

The participants will be selected by May 19, 2021.
Research scholarship for the participants: 400.- Euro
Workshop days: June 4, 2021 and June 11, 2021

Language: EN
By participating, the participants agree to a possible (partial) publication on the DOCK 11 website and / or in a print publication. However, publications in other media are possible!

Louise Trueheart is a Berlin-based performer and writer whose work explores the politics of belief, transcendence, and how these operate in the cultural fields, especially dance. Louise is part of queer feminist art and curation collective COVEN BERLIN, notably as the editor of COVEN’s online magazine.

Seda Niğbolu is a cultural journalist, translator and writing therapist originally from Istanbul and living in Berlin. She also works with children and teenagers with disabilities and is part of a selfdefense team for women. The interactions between art, psychology, social changes and technological processes interest and fascinate her the most.

About the workshop series „DOCK 11 – expanded“:

Writing about or for dance & live arts, writing as (a form of) movement: Our workshops are the right place for people who position themselves in this triangle of writing temptations. We consider writing as a bodily practice. What forms of presentation and embodyment are suitable for which concerns of writing? Which criteria must be fulfilled in order to make texts communicative? In seven writing workshops we set different focuses using elements from creative/fictional, journalistic and academic writing. We will link oral history with writing, read tarot cards about performances and also practice formal genres like interviews or reviews. The resulting texts will be shared with the public live and/or as (e-)publications. All workshops will be announced via open calls. The workshops are directed by Mariama Diagne & Astrid Kaminski (concept), Seda Niğbolu, Louise Trueheart and guest lecturers.

Photo: Anna Falkenstein

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