The workshop is open to anyone with or without movement experience.
The number of participants is limited.




Time frame:
( when ) Friday: 19:00-22:00
Sat&Sun: 11:00 – 16:00.

2 days 90 euros
3 days 120 euros



DOCK 11, Kastanienallee 79, 10435 Berlin

Fr 18. Jan. 2019 DOCK 11 Saal 3
Sa 19. Jan. 2019  DOCK 11 Saal 2
So 20. Jan. 2019 DOCK 11 Saal 2


Fr 15. Feb. 2019 DOCK 11 Saal 3
Sa 16. Feb 2019 DOCK 11 Saal 3
So 17. Feb. 2019  DOCK 11 Saal 3


Fr 15. März. 2019 DOCK 11 Saal 3
Sa 16. März 2019 DOCK 11 Saal 3
So 17. März. 2019 DOCK 11 Saal 3
Fr 05. April. 2019 DOCK 11 Saal 3
Sa 06. April 2019 DOCK 11 Saal 3
So 07. April. 2019 DOCK 11 Saal 3

Sa 11. Mai 2019 DOCK 11 Saal 2
So 12. Mai 2019 DOCK 11 Saal 2


Fr 14. Juni. 2019 DOCK 11 Saal 3
Sa 15. Juni 2019 DOCK 11 Saal 3
So 16. Juni. 2019 DOCK 11 Saal 3


Spatial invitation.
A journey in motion with clear presence.


There is a space around us full of colors, shapes, sounds and of course, People.
There is a space in each of us for silence, poetry and beauty.
There is a beauty in offering, in sharing, in allowing ourselves to be touched and moved by our surrounding.
With playfulness and surrendering, we dim out the noise of the thoughts by letting go in the power of our senses.
We find ways to take down our mechanism of fear.
We switch between inner and outer awareness.
We step away from social conventions to softly fall into humanity.
Our Journey is a celebration of the encounter.

We will go for voicing rather than singing,
Moving rather than dancing,
Away from the fear of failing, the fear of falling,
Away from ideas of aesthetic or technic,
All for the sake of freeing, connecting and playing,
Playing a serious and deep game.

Come and join,
with your desire of searching,
your curiosity and your doubts,
just as you are.


Joris Camelin
studied Musicology in Nice University, where he started to Dance.

He began his career as a professional dancer in Hannover with Frederic Flamand and since has worked with such choreographers as:
Daelik Hackenbrook, Mark Tompkins, Constanza Macras, Jeremy Wade, Iztok Kovaz, Ingo Reulecke, An Kaler.
Since 2008 Joris Camelin has worked amongst others with Meg Stuart (“Mauser”,”Do Animals Cry”) and Laurent Chetouane (Faust I, “tanzstück #4: leben wollen (zusammen)”, “Hommage an das Zaudern”,”Sacré Sacre”).
Between performing and body/movement research, he also participates in various improvisation performances in non-conventional locations such as public spaces or Museums (Kunst und ausstellungshalle-Bonn, Louvres-Paris,Festival ArtDanthe-Vanves, Collegium Hungaricum-Berlin, TanzFabrik-Berlin, medicin Museum-Copenhagen).

Workshops: Technischen Universität Berlin für Landschaftsarchitektur
Grotowski institute Wroclaw Poland.
TanzFabrik-Berlin, K3-Hamburg, Oslo International Acting Festival, Metodi Festival-Italy,
Toneelacademie-Maastricht, NISS Theatre School-Oslo,
Centre National de la Danse-Lyon,

Actors Coach: National Theater-Oslo, “Shakespeare Sonnets”. Schauspiel Stuttgart, Antigone(director Laurent Chetouane).

Mentor: Platform for Artistic Research-Köln 2015 and 2016.

Assistant dance Biennale di Venezia,”Gravities”(Laurent Chetouane)

Musicians coach: Solistenensemble Kaleidoskop, “Kaleidoskopville”.