Masaje Reflexivo – Maque Pereyra (BO/DE)

Erinnerungen benötigen eine sanfte Massage, um weich zu werden und sich zu lösen. „Vergegenwärtige dir Erinnerungen und konfrontiere sie mit ein wenig Öl, warmen Händen, starken Eingeweiden und möglicherweise mit einigen Spielzeugen.“

Ticklish memories need a soft massage to get soften and loose. Face the images you want to confront with some oil, warm hands, strong guts and maybe some toys too.

Konzept / Performance: Maque Pereyra
Original Song ‘Limones’: Maque Pereyra
Song Production: DJ Grace Kelly
Photo: Yamila Macías

28. + 29. Juli 2018, 19 Uhr
HUECO/ HOLLOW – Poliana Lima (BR/SP)
HUCEO/HOLLOW bringt den Schwindel auf die Bühne. Sei es ein Schwindel, den man fühlt auf einer wirbelsturmartigen Suche nach einem Weg, einem Gefühl, einer Sehnsucht nachgehend; ein Schwindel, der seinen Ursprung im Permanenten hat, im Stabilen, einem Commitment, in dem, was bleibt; oder ein Schwindel, den man empfindet, wenn man dem Unbekannten gegenübersteht.


HUECO/HOLLOW brings to the stage the idea of Vertigo. It is the vertigo that is felt in the whirlwind of a search (for a desire, a path, or a feeling), be it a vertigo of permanence (stability, commitment, or something that lasts), or a vertigo that is felt facing the unknown, a HUECO/HOLLOW is always created. In this contemporary dance solo we will present a single body launched onto the scene. It is an exposed body that dances in the face of vertigo and sustains it.

HUECO/HOLLOW is a contemporary dance solo performance by award-winning Brazilian artist Poliana Lima. Now based in Madrid, Poliana comes to York with her latest show, exploring identity and travel through the physical interaction of movement and live music. At the core of the performance is that frenzied, dizzying feeling when we throw ourselves into the unknown. HUECO is the emptied space between what is left behind and what is coming ahead – a hollow space filled with dance.

Konzept / Management / Choreographie: Poliana Lima
Management Assistant: Lucas Condró
Performance: Poliana Lima
Musik: Vidal
Illumination: Pablo R. Seoane
Kostüme: Val Barreto
Fotografie: Alvaro Gomez Pidal
Video: Alexis Delgado and Alvaro Gomez Pidal
Produktion: Carmen Fernandez
Technisches Management: Pablo R. Seoane



Thiago Granato is a Brazilian choreographer and performer based in Berlin. His performances have been presented in different countries in Europe, Asia and South America. Took part of the Ex.e.r.ce 8 program, coordinated by Xavier Le Roy, at the Centre Chorégraphique National de Montpellier (France). During the years of 2013 and 2014 he was fellow at Akademie Schloss Solitude in Stuttgart (Germany). In 2015 he was an artist in residency at Centre International des Récollets in Paris (France). He was teacher at DOCH – University of Dance and Circus, at Modern Theater Dance Department of AHK (Amsterdam/Holland) and at the MA in Performing Arts Practice and Visual Culture (Madrid/Spain). Also mentoring at HZT/UDK – Universität der Künste (Berlin/Germany). Nowadays he takes part of the Master Programme New Performative Practice – NPP at DOCH (Stockholm/Sweden).


Maque Pereyra artist/dancer/performer/ activist/ YOGGATON creator/ cumbia-reggaeton lover based in Berlin. In my work I deal with personal material as means for engaging with a wider understanding and production of practice, knowledge and theory in order to connect with a broader social frame full of colonial woundings in which the enjoyment, growth and sharing of oneself in body-mind-soul-spirit, the exercise of memory, the practice of rituals, the awakening of consciousness, the embracement of sexuality, sensuality, emotions, sensations, affections and intuitions and the notion of deserving love and pleasure, are constantly diminished and/or threatened and therefore I see them as modes of resistance, knowledge production and a healing decolonial rebellion facing the different oppressive structures.


Poliana Lima (Brazil, 1983): Dancer and choreographer originally from Brazil and currently based in Madrid (Spain). She began creating work in 2011 with the solo work ‘Palo en la Rueda’ (A Stick in the Wheel). In 2013, she was selected to take part in the European funded project ‘Performing Gender’, in which she created the performance work ‘Body-Cloth’, which premiered at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb (Croatia).
In 2017, Poliana Lima created her last work which is called ‘Hueco’ (Hollow), and after its premiere in October at the Canal Theaters of Madrid (Teatros Canal de Madrid) and at the BAD Bilbao, Hueco has begun its journey this year 2018. Hueco has been nominated in two categories for the 2018 MAX Awards in Spain: The Best New Show/Performance (Mejor Espectáculo Revelación) and The Best New Authorship (Mejor Autoría Revelación).