Dates : 21st January to 25th of January 2019
From : 10:00am to 15:00pm
Place : EDEN STUDIO 150.1
Address: EDEN, Breite Strasse 43, 13187 Berlin

Price : 125 Euros.
Drop in : 30 Euros
Registration :

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IndYog-Contemporary – The search within
Workshop starts with meditative posture and asanas. We continue to conditioning the body through yoga and movements which includes body toning and Martial arts exercises which are later incorporated into the movement phrases. The next part of the workshop will take you into playing with momentum, suspension and dynamic floor routines which combines speed and centrifugal energy. It also combines floor exploration with antigravity falls, recovery, agile partnering and strength based technique which allows the individual to discover organic body rhythms and floor connections. It also combines Indian classical dance movements, folk and contemporary vocabulary. With powerful footwork, coordinations, rhythms and spins it will help the participant get exposed to the Indian forms of movements. Participants can also expect to learn certain Indian classical mudras from the dance form of Bharatnatyam which can be incorporated into the movement phrases.


Flying Low
Narendra is the first Indian contemporary dancer who has got scholarship and has studied under David Zambrano as a part of a 30 days intensive workshop of “Flying Low” and “Passing Through” technique in Berlin, Germany, 2014. He was one of the 45 dancers amongst 489 applicants around the world to be selected. He got selected for EXIN second and third edition for 30 days Flying Low and Passing Through intensives which was conducted in Madrid, Spain September 2016 and
Corfu, Greece September 2018. After more than 10 years as a close follower of David Zambrano, I will share a series of phrases and exercises which experiment on the flying low principles. The workshop focus mainly on the dancer’s relationship with the floor. The class utilises simple movement patterns that involve breathing, speed and the release of energy throughout the body in order to activate the relationship between the centre and the joints, moving in and out of the ground more efficiently by maintaining a centered state. There is a focus on the skeletal structure that will help improve the dancers physical perception and alertness. The class includes partnering work and movement phrases, which explore the primary laws of physics: cohesion and expansion. When you are standing, the whole room is standing. When you are moving, the whole room is moving. The body is constantly spiralling, whether running or standing. These spirals help the dancers into the floor and out of the floor. These spirals already exist; the class focuses on finding them. The spirals help the dancer see themselves and the room from all sides. The spirals propel the class all over the room, both on the ground and upright. Research laboratory -Dancers will be given improvisation tasks to move in solos, duets, trios and groups. It also includes partnering work, movement research vocabulary through improvisation, Speed, co-ordinations, musicality, strength, rhythm, emotions, movement precision and efficiency. I am happy to share this information with the participates and make them understand inner strength and emotions while moving their bodies through this intensive workshop.


NARENDRA PATIL – An Introduction
Narendra Patil is a performer, teacher and choreographer from India and a movement specialist in
IndYog-Contemporary, Martial Arts, Improvisation and Flying Low.

Brief Biography:
He graduated in 2008 from Terence Lewis Dance foundation Scholarship Trust Mumbai, India, He
has been a Principal Performer, Teacher and Assistant choreographer at Terence Lewis
Contemporary Dance Company for 10 years. He studied Okinawa martial arts for 6 years and also
completed Yoga teachers training course from ‘The Yoga institute’ Mumbai, India the oldest
organised yoga centre in the world.
Narendra is the first Indian contemporary dancer who has studied under David Zambrano as a
part of a EXIN 30 days intensive workshop of “Flying Low” and “Passing Through” technique in
Berlin, Germany 2014, where he was selected among 489 dancers from all around the world. He
got selected for second and third edition of EXIN 30 days of Flying Low and Passing Through
intensives which was conducted in Madrid, Spain September 2016 and Corfu, Greece September
Training in all these art forms, exploring numerous movement possibilities and finding inspiration
and knowledge at various dance festivals, intensive workshops and creations with renowned
teachers from all over the world and over the years, he was inspired to create his own dance
Narendra is currently working as an independent artist in India, Europe and Russia. He has been
invited to teach at Deltebre Dansa Festival, Spain; Marameo, Dock11, Berlin, Frankfurt University
of Music and Performing Arts, Frankfurt, Profitraining Freiburg; Tanzbuero Basel, Switzerland;
Dance Cultural Centre, Athens; Henny Juries Stichting, Amsterdam, Holland; Saint Petersburg,
Samara, Kazan, Perm,Tyumen, Moscow, Crimea, Ekaterinburg, Russia; Terence Lewis
contemporary dance company, Attakkalari centre for movements arts: India and many other
professional dance schools in Europe, Russia and India.
Performed Improvisation Trio with David Zambrano and Lamprini Gkolia in Athens 2015.
Narendra have been collaborated with Lamprini Gkolia (Greece) and worked together as
performers and teachers in Europe and in India. They have performed their “CAMOUFLAGE”
duet creation in Athens and Deltebre Dansa Festival, Spain 2015 He has also collaborated and
performed Axismundi Jaipur and Geneva Project 2016 with Mohamed Toukabri, Rakesh Sukesh,
Bolarin Da Costa, and Pol Sinus (Art Director). This piece has been created during a Pro Helvetia
residency in India in 2015 and the premiere took place in Théâtre du Galpon, Geneva for Antigel
Festival in February 2016. Performed “RESTLESS” solo creation piece in Deltebre Dansa 2016.
Improvisation duet performance with Francisco Cordova in St. Petersburg 2017. Improvisation
solo performances in Moscow, Crimea, Tyumen, Russia. 2017 and 2018.