Dates: 13th, 14th and 15th of March, 10am- 5pm

Place: EDEN, Breite Strasse 43, 13187 Berlin, Yogaraum

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Fee: 180 early bird
200 regular

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A practice grounded in bringing the physiological, emotional and psychological states of the body together.

The workshops are an introduction to the sensation and state-oriented practice Full Drop. A practice which Icelandic choreographer Margrét Sara Guðjónsdóttir has been developing since 2010 in relation to and along side her performance works. It focuses on deep myofascial release through visualization meditation and verbal dialoging aiming to guide participants towards a so called Full Drop into the body. Developing heightened inner listening and awareness of the multiple autonomous systems and rhythms of the body and how to able to be guided and moved by them and experience the various altered physical states that accommodate this type of listening. By fully dropping into the body and entering a meditative space where time ceases to exist, conditions have been created to release self-manipulation and control and allow active intentions to empty out. Through new subjective sensorial experiences unravelling, what was formerly unconscious becomes conscious, increasing awareness of the current as well as immanent inner states of each person. While the practice itself is gentle the decision to let go of control and enter into the unknown, not yet discovered and subconscious parts of yourself is profound.

In the greater context, the workshop offers an alternative way of approaching the body and those who work with it on a professional level, and creates a space for de-conditioning formerly imprinted body memory through releasing the tissue on all levels. A part of this work is thus as well releasing the professional dancer’s ‘outside eye’ that observes, judges and separates the dancer from the inner experience, and to practice connecting to and becoming conscious of that which goes on within, beyond the conditioned body memory.

Working with and sharing a practice of de-conditioning which is in itself directly healing and holistic is a conscious political gesture. It was developed whilst creating a body of artistic works that address the mental, emotional and physical states of the citizens living within the current social political environment, and how that reality expresses itself in our matter. Combining ten years of research within the artistic field of dance and choreography and the studying of the Perceptive Pedagogy method of french osteopath Danis Bois. A unique practice and approach to body work within the field of dance has been developed and is there to be shared.