Four Winter Weekends intensives coming up in 2019.


Feb 9-10 DOCK 11 Saal 2
Feb 16 -17 DOCK 11 Saal 1
March 2-3 DOCK 11 Saal 2
March 9-10 DOCK 11 Saal 2

FUNCTIONALITY AND PERSPECTIVE IN DANCE (Technique) 11.00 am – 13.00 pm
Price: 12 Euro per class

IMPROVISATION as a training practice
13:00pm – 15:30pm
Price: 15 Euro per class


Weekend Price: 50 euros
Singe day both classes: 25 Euros
All 4 weekends Earlybird 180 euros. Deadline January 20, 2019

The registration fee of 50 euro is required for the 4 weekends confirmation.
Information and Registration:
Location: DOCK 11, Kastanienallee 79, 10435 Berlin

*All classes no level required!!
Please notice refund is only possible as class or workshop exchange during the year 2019!
Please be responsible and don’t register if you are unsure of your commitment!!


Functionality and Perspective in Dance is Judith Sánchez Ruíz class investigation in release technique for the last ten years. Focus on the importance of being grounded, dancers work with initiation and arrival, visceral and organic movement. The class builds up stamina, but at the same time create an understanding of the shifting of weight, clarity of movement, attention to detail, precision and dynamics in a multidirectional approach, allowing some island of specific quality movement improv practice, waking up the imagination while working with a functionally aware body!

Using Improvisation as a training class: leading two hours and a half class based on one subject that develops throughout practice in different formats, and the performance of it.
Triggering your un/comfortable zone and guiding you to look for the unknown exploration of different approaches to the movement. Practicing how to develop movement in composition with space and a relationship with others.


Photo credit: David Beecroft

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