Dance is a Weapon TV

Screening im DOCK 11

11., 12., 13. und 14. Juni 2020, jeweils um 15-19.00 Uhr

Eintritt frei
Zutritt: max für 10 Personen
Keine Reservierung erforderlich.
Adresse: DOCK 11, Kastanienallee 79, 10435 Berlin

Zum Schutz von Besucher*innen und Mitarbeiter*innen haben wir umfassende
Hygiene- und Schutzmaßnahmen entsprechend der geltenden Standards des Landes Berlin für die Ausstellung getroffen.

Wir schaffen einen Kunstraumeine Ausstellung mittels Video-Projektion im Loop.

First episode:
On Totentanz, Dying and the Undead
with special guest

Dance is a Weapon TV is a series of 6 episodes that comes as a reformulation of what was to be Un/polished festival 2020 in co-production with DOCK 11, Berlin.

Since a global pandemic condition prevents us from being close to each other, our TV programme will come to your household to fill your evenings with conversations, screenings and many other artistic endeavours that want to be not only a result of the crisis but a solution to it. The horizon of futurability is what drives this project forward.

Your host, Kasia Wolinska, will take you for a journey across uncharted territories of death, immortality, love, revolution…and many more. All with a generous dose of talking dance while talking life (and death).

The programme will be announced monthly, and the series will continue at a slow pace until October. Please spread the word and save the date!

11.06.2020, 19.00 CEST online premiere ( link will be put here next week )

Technical support : Olly Oxford
Graphic design: Pauline Payen
Production support and translations: Magda Garlinska

Eine Produktion von Katarzyna Wolinska in Koproduktion mit DOCK ART
Gefördert durch die Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa


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