Wir bewegen uns durch die Jahrtausende hindurch und das Bedürfnis nach Veränderung wird immer lauter. Voller Ängste und Tränen kollidieren Persönlichkeiten in Konflikt und Widerstand. All jene, die die Erde durchlaufen haben, leben in einer stillen Dimension. Die Sprechenden finden nur dann Gehör, wenn du zuhörst und sehen kannst… Die Existenz alternativer Dimensionen ändert, was wir einst als taub, blind, vernünftig und verrückt erachtet haben.

Katie Duck und Erik van De Wijdeven erforschen, ob wir Menschen wirklich die einzige Realität auf dem einsamen Planeten Erde sind. Getragen von einer Partitur unterschiedlichster Persönlichkeiten, bewegen sich Text und Musik vom Komischen zum Tragischen, vom Licht zur Dunkelheit. Die Zuschauenden werden angehalten in Frage zu stellen was real ist, während sich Text, Physical Theatre, Lichtdesign und Sound-Score zu einem Spinnennetz verweben, in dem eine Phantasie für die Zukunft eingefangen wird.

Von und mit: Katie Duck, Erik van De Wijdeven



As we travel forward in the millennia, the need for change cries out loudly, full of tears and fears; personality disorders collide in conflict and resistance.

Everyone who has passed the earth, lives in a silent dimension. Those speaking can be heard only if you listen and if you are able to see. The presence of alternative dimensions alters what we once considered deaf, blind, sane and insane.

This is a duet event with Katie Duck and Erik van De Wijdeven in which they investigate whether we are the reality on the lonely planet earth; and whether we are indeed not alone.
Their play is placed in a score of diverse personalities. Text and movement ranging from the comic to the tragic, from light to darkness.

They are begging the viewers to question what is real and what is fiction, what is a lie and what is the truth as they weave their text, physical theatre, light design and sound score into a spider’s web to capture a fantasy for the future.

by and with: Katie Duck, Erik van De Wijdeven


Katie Duck
: I am a director/performer/teacher working professionally since 1976. I prance between dance, acting and music like a pony frolicking in the grassy knolls. As a composer I use all of these time arts to realise the score for each performance with a microscopic view for how improvisation plays a role in the act of real time composition with an ongoing question: what is my relationship to the public? What I do for a living is an induced neurone madness. I believe in hope as I disappear into the woodwork of an art rumour.
In this piece I will design a sound score and wish to perform as I dissolve and re-appear when people realise “I am not here, I am in another dimension.” www.katieduck.com

Erik van De Wijdeven: My desire is to master the confines of my quirky physique. Writing poems and monologues of unprecedented and ethereal proportions. Conjuring up choreographies of inimitable substance. Crafting scenographies of soul-caressing beauty. Becoming an unmitigatedly silly ac-tor, and truthful person. Lifting the alchemic act of live audience improvisa-tion to implausible heights. I shamelessly believe pigs make terrific foot-beds during the watching of saucy films. Furthermore, I thoroughly enjoy badly mixing cheesy house classics from the 90’s into corny house classics from the 00’s. I prefer never to say a commonplace thing, and love uncanny phenomena, dancing, and people who shine from the eyes.
In this piece I will design a light score and wish to perform to the public a weaving of multitude personalities who speak the truth under the shield of their cultural lies. http://erikvandewijdeven.com/