01.-03. March 2019

Place: DOCK 11, Kastanienallee 79, 10435 Berlin, Saal 3

Registration/Information: andrasiworkshop@gmail.com

Current Research

Attila’s current research is a repetitive motion construction in which he seeks the resources of movement and the causes of change in a repetitive cycle. He is looking for repetitions of movement, patterns, qualities, and states. During the research Attila has found that once you are in a repetitive process it creates a powerful state of self-determination- something that needs to be questioned and challenged. What is this power? One’s own power that is inner power/energy source. Where does it come from? Where is in my body? Do we have a spiritual body? We hope to answer these questions with further research.


Workshop Description
In this workshop you can learn and explore the way that Attila works, you will be given an insight into the current research work and share your own ideas and findings from the tasks that you will be given. This will be an improvisational driven workshop where Attila will let the crowds unfold and see different, individual feedback and experiences. This is a guided hour where you will work in your own space with guidance and instruction from Attila, who is specifically looking for movers who can investigate what repetition is and how far you can take your bodies and find out what your limits are. This workshop offers practical movement research tools to performance artists of various movement backgrounds. The tasks
and information that will be provided requires a high level of physicality and curiosity. Candidates should have adequate experience with contemporary dance.


Attila Andrasi
He was born in Hungary where his interest in dance started at the Budapest Contemporary Dance Academy. He gained his first experience in performing at Trafo and Mu Theatre in Budapest where he danced the role of the boys in Öröglakat by Sandor Petrovics. Attila continued his studies at the Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance (SEAD) where he gained professional experience at different festivals. (New Face Dance Festival in Salzburg, Symphonic Dance Festival,
Tanz House Festival and To Spring Tanz Festival in Salzburg) During his time he worked with Alleyene dance company (UK), Eduardo Torroja (ESP), Jelka MIllic (SL), Elton Petri (GR), Rakes Sukes (IND) after he finished his study He was collaborating with Lior Lazarof (ISR) HZT Academy, Berlin with Anna Németh (HU) and The Ryder Project Gallery in London with Andrea Canepa (CO). Currently he is living and working in London where he is kiing the opportunity to develop his own company which just started.