11. + 12.4.2020 at DOCK 11 Saal 1
75 € Early Bird price
–> 85€ Normal price.

Time table:
11:00-16:00 including one hour break.
11:00 – 16:00 including one hour break and showing open to an audience.

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Place: DOCK 11, Kastanienallee 79, 10435 Berlin


Would you like to experience your voice and soundscapes, dive into an inner journey, and learn to integrate it in your dance and performance making ?
This weekend journey is designed to explore the body as a gate through different tools, as individual as well as in a group, and to find your own dancing voice, composing and making in real time.
This Laboratory is based on my personal ongoing research on the body as a moving sound system, that I’m exploring for the past few years, working with groups, directing pieces based on improvisation and instant composition, with live music, and the human voice, integrated with shamanic tools to unblock the lock, and learn to listen to what is unfolding in the present moment.

How to find the voice of your improvising body?
How do we embody sound and musicality?
How do we use our breath and develop it into sound textures, and language?

This questions will be used as guide lines and as tools to help to evolve and develop skills of sensitivity of listening to ourselves, the group and to the space, emboding the voice of the dancing body. This way we can learn to trust and navigate through the material we are making, and listen to the material as its being done, as a musician that listens to his music by making it in the present moment, going to the unknown, and finding new ways of opening to new ways of making and being, and finding joy and freedom.
My work is inspired from the practice of Improvisation and composition of dance, sound and voice, as well as breath and singing practices.
Working many years as a dancer and performer, and combining it with sound and voice inspired from shamanic work of trance and channeling, I developed tools that are inviting everyone to deepen into an inner journey, and research through the many Archetype’s that exists within everyone of us.
This tools are helping to develop deep listening to what wants to unfold through us and in the group in the present moment, learning to trust the NOW.

This Workshop is open for EVERYONE who:
Has interested to get to know the improvisation and real time composition practice, as well as to explore and deepen the research on the human voice in connection to movement, expanding possibilities and exploring the textures and sonic landscapes as an inner journey, as well as in a performance context.


Ayam is a dancer, musician, choreographer, teacher , space holder, and a performer of many different performance art and healing practices in which sound voice and movement becomes a media of communication discovery and creation.
She works and develops on her own projects in performance and music, sound healing, and collaborates with musicians, dancers and interdisciplinary artists.
As a child she trained in gymnastics, and later as a ballet dancer ,contemporary, Relies technique and improvisation, and danced for different companies and choreographers.
She continued studying areal acrobatics, action theater, voice training, Tai Chi, meditation,and somatic works, combining breath and voice techniques.
She worked and collaborated with\under “Kamea dance company”, “Yasmeen Godder” dance company ,”Toleda”(Josef Tmim), Yael Orni. She worked in “Fly y” aerial dance theatre (where she trained as an aerial acrobat), Christin Bonansea Saulut, Yoriko Maeno, Sandra Man and Moriz Majce, Jadi Carboni, Julyen Hamilton,Maya M. Carroll, Alessio Travisanni(LTT Company), Jagna Anderson.
Since 2013 she is developing her artistic work in the field of performance and instant composition.
Her pieces where selected for the improvisation and instant composition festivals – “Sound dance” and “NOW” festival with her work “How long is now” (2017-2018).
She created collaboration pieces: “Lost & found” , “Chromatic Fields” which performed in “60 min performance series.
Her new solo piece “AyamWhatAyam” was presented in Ackerstadt Palast (2019).
‘Attentive Bodies’ is her method she is developing for the past few years for the body as a moving sound system, combining her knowledge in contemporary dance, improvisation and instant composition, with breath and voice work in a somatic approach, inspired from her work with shamanic practice of trans drumming and working with dance and voice as a ritual.
She is a co-creator of “TransForMusic” – a new world sound and music project, where she writes and releases her own music, plays sound journey concerts, facilitates dance and voice rituals, and is invited to give workshops and concerts in festivals around Germany and Europe.