Queer erotic pop sing-a-long fiction in 7 chapters
aPOKEalypse Now ist queeres, politisches Theater der feministischen Selbstermächtigung. Es ist ein energiegeladenes Manifest für Selbstverwirklichung, einen positiven Zugang zur Erotik und für körperliche Einfühlung. Die Drag-Queen Gieza Poke nimmt uns mit in das Leben und Werden der einzigen und besten schottischen pan-sexual-pleasure-goddess & ex-daytime-TV-fitness-instructor-drag-Superstar in Berlin. Mit ihrer One-Woman-Show der theatralen Extravaganz, lädt sie zu einer Lesung aus ihrer bald erscheinenden selbst verlegten Autobiographie. Es verbinden sich theatrale Szenen, Improvisation, multiple Live-Kostümwechsel, narrative Strukturen, eigene Songs und die Partizipation des Publikums zu einem erfindungsreichen Stück und einer eindeutig politischen Aussage.
Von und mit: Gieza Poke
Videos: Tony Stewart
Musikbearbeitung: Max Wuschko
Dramaturg / Produzent: Tomi Paasonen
Foto: Mark Esper Photography
In englischer Sprache
Dauer: 2 Stunden mit Pause
This is a piece of queer political theatre that tells a tale of feminist self-empowerment and delivers a powerful manifesto of self-realisation, erotic positivity and physical fulfilment. Taking us through the life and times of her fictional autobiography, Berlin-based drag queen Gieza Poke fills in the details of how she came to be Berlin’s only and best Scottish pan-sexual pleasure goddess & ex-daytime-TV-fitness-instructor-drag-superstar! In her one-woman-show and theatrical extravaganza, Gieza Poke invites you into her boudoir for a book reading of her soon-to-be-self-published autobiography, unravelling a journey packed with erotic tales of mischief; infectiously funny parody pop sing-a-long hits; and enough costume changes and double entendres to really get your juices flowing. Queen of the sexual innuendo Gieza undresses our inhibitions and makes us feel beautiful. You can’t stop the aPOKEalypse, so buckle up and enjoy the ride! Combining scripted scenes, improvisation, multiple onstage costume changes, narrative structures, original songs and audience participation, this endlessly inventive piece constantly surprises, delights and engages its audience while delivering its unashamedly political message.
With: Gieza Poke
Projections: Tony Stewart
Music production: Max Wuschko
Dramaturg / Producer: Tomi Paasonen
Photo: Mark Esper Photography
Gieza Poke aka Colin Comfort was a Scottish-born architect who relocated to Berlin in 2010 and transitioned into a performer, entertainer, event organiser and curator. Gieza has been working as a full time drag performer for the last 4 years.
Tomi Paasonen is a choreographer who has realized about 70 pieces around the world during the last three decades, worked as artistic director and curator of festivals and is currently both supporting other artists in their strives and continuing to grow the many artistic branches and activities that he is passionate about.