I’m very glad to invite you on my 2-days intensive course. I’ve created it after more than 12 years of teaching and studying…
I mix russian theatrical system, european thysical system and japan system Noguchi Taiso.

My course consists:
Work with body!
How to feel the body, to trust it.
We imagine that our body is a water bag, so we can be relaxed and full of improvisation. We gonna express ourselves and you can use this practice at home!
Work with Breathing!
It’s a very important part of my course.
Here I work with mindfulness, breathing support in ordinary life, fears. We gonna breath together and you will see how quick you can change your mood, your emotions, using some exercises!
Work with emotions!
During many years of work I can see how it’s important to work with group.
Each group is different, but they all have the same thing: partnership. How to hear and see. How to scream and keep silence. How to trust and provocate.
We have a lot of tricks.
Work with voice!
It’s not about singing, but it’s about use your voice as an instrument.
We all are very open, while we use our voices.
It’s possible to read us as a book.
So we gonna pull your natural voice out and learning not be afraid to use it. Not be afraid be natural, simple, pure. But because of this much more interesting!
Also, on one day I will perform for all participants my solo show clown-butoh “4Love”

Bio brief:

Polina Ganshina ( Paula Gapo )
Born in Moscow,
Now I live in Barcelona.
Graduated from theatrical Institute ( diplom ) of Moscow.

IEstudios Berty Tovías. Escuela Internacional de Teatro (Barcelona)
Certificado de Universidad de M. Lomonosov (Moscu) Programa “Idioma, Cultura y comunicaciones intercultural”
The radio school (Moscú) Curso Radio DJ Diplomada
My masters payasos famosos: Jango Edwards, Jef Johnson, Johnny Melville, Silvia Leblon
My masters Butoh dance: Adam Koan, Julie Becton, Marlene Jobstl, Jonathan Marteneu, Rosana Barra.
From 2007 I work as a teacher of acting, work with voice and breathing.

Escuela Tres Elefantes (Plaja d’ Aro)
Escuela Raduga (Barcelona)
Centro multicultural Sodruzhestvo (Barcelona)
Varios centros culturales de Alicante y Moscú
Organizador y asistente de eventos (Teatre regional en Kenigsbergo) Academia de Música (Kenigsbergo)
Desde que llegue a Barcelona en 2015 he creado varios clases individuales y cursos para niños, adultos y la familia. Hace muchos años trabajo como profesora de voz, comunicación y la acción.

Professional actress, clown, butoh performer.

Teatro na Maloy Bronnoy
Teatro Regional de Drama de Kaliningrado Teatro «Shalom»
Teatro «Doc.»
Teatro «Llantiol» (Barcelona)
Espanya, Rusia, Portugal, Italy, Holland

As a clown I created more than 20 acts.

My Facebook: Paula Gapo
Instagram: polina_ganshina

Language: English
Clothes: comfortable
Price: early birds, if you pay until 14-th of February-45 eu, after-55 eu.
Reservation and info: granjj777@gmail.com