The DOCKeleven is the junior company of DOCK 11.
In 2016 Lisa Oettinghaus founded the dance company from talented students of her classes.

The company starts annually in September and works over a period of one year, weekly on a dance theater piece, which will then premiere in the DOCK 11 theater.

The dance company under the direction of Lisa Oettinghaus, has had 3 seasons so far.
In 2020, the second Junior Company was added, under the direction of Doreen Haberland.

The special thing about the DOCKeleven Company is that the dancers help develop a large part of the choreography.
Together with the choreographer they develop a dance theater piece, which is fed by improvisation and ideas of the dancers.

DOCKeleven is made up of students who take a dance class at DOCK 11; participation in the company requires that class.