Wortlaut. family concerts

Immersive concerts for the whole family

Ticketsale runs via: LOUDsoft

Performances for families with children from 0-6 years old

Wortlaut mixes sound art with word games, discovers music in spoken language and celebrates the fine line between sense and nonsense. In this new LOUDsoft production, the grey area between language and sound is opened up to exploration, experimentation and discovery.

Inspired by Dadaist and contemporary poetry, baby’s babble and ancient and contemporary works, the four musicians speak, sing, play and interact with their audience. The youngest visitors are invited to move, to experiment and to join the process of music-making. A confusion and confluence of musical language and spoken sound emerges – the stage becomes a playground for all, open for sound, movement, interaction and stillness.

Two Berlin artists have written new pieces for Wortlaut: the poet Uljana Wolf joyfully explores unexpected meanings and sounds in her writing, while the composer and sound artist Jessie Marino explores the frontiers between speech and echo.

Wortlaut consists of three productions aimed at different age groups:

Wortlaut – Summ! 11 am
for babies up to 2 years
Length: approx. 35 minutes

Wortlaut – Brumm! 3 pm
For toddlers from 2 – 4 years
Length: approx. 45 minutes

Wortlaut – Wumm! 5 pm
For preschool children from 4- 6 years
Length: approx. 60 minutes

Artistic director LOUDsoft: Daniella Strasfogel
Violin & Voice: Rebecca Beyer
Violin/Viola & Voice: Vera Kardos, Daniella Strasfogel
Cello & Voice: Sophie Notte
Commissioned composition: Jessie Marino
Arrangements: Michael Rauter, Manuel Pessoa de Lima
Text: Uljana Wolf
Stage Design, Props & Costumes: Miriam Marto, Sofia Vannini
Production: Katharina Held
Photo/Documentation: Christina Voigt
Graphic Design: Suse Sebald
Illustration: Laura Merz

Wortlaut is a project by LOUDsoft. Funded by the Senate Department for Culture and Europe.

Media partners: Kindaling, HIMBEER, Berlin mit Kind
In cooperation with Radialsystem V, DOCK 11, FELD – Theater für junges Publikum, Kinder- und Familienzentrum DAS HAUS and Regenbogenfamilienzentrum Berlin.

LOUDsoft creates music theater productions for and with children, young people and adults. In the search for new formats, special locations and surprising juxtapositions, the projects focus on interactive experiences for a multi-generational audience. LOUDsoft combines haptic sound with audible objects and opens the door to audiences of all ages.