To Mend

Event Nr. 4

research-performance by Mor Demer

An urban environment is a melting pot of stories, of different cultures and milieus, made of overlaying stratas, embodying many timelines at once. To Mend is a topological research in public space over several months, in which the Berlin-based dance artist Mor Demer relates personal and at the same time existential questions of situatedness to traces and memories that were left behind at various sites throughout the city of Berlin. Twelve sites have been identified in the cityscape which, as the artist speculates, have remained strangely absent, are incorporating a social, human, and cosmological rift whose story inevitably led to discontinuity in these extensive tissues. To Mend will delve into the historical, sociological and spatial constellations of these places, holes and ruptures through offering participatory and transformative actions – to bring them into the present. Mor Demer considers the ecosystem of the city as a body that mirrors the ecosystem of her own body. The research is initiated and driven by both bodies, intending to merge them into a cycle of mutual healing.

The evening at DOCK11 is dedicated to the process of this research. Together with her research team, Mor Demer will share an artistic format of reflections and perspectives of the research. The event is also the fourth site to which the research will attend. The mending action is a tribute to the DOCK11 theatre, and the historic date, October 3rd, the German Unity Day, that will strengthen the mending of the district and the city as a whole.

Concept and Research: Mor Demer
With: Mor Demer, Sigal Zouk, Gadi Demer and Igor Dobricic
Video: Shabi Kedem and Mor Demer
Thanks to: Igor Dobricic, Ayako Toyama and Tech-Team DOCK ART
Photo: Michiel Keuper

To Mend is a research production by Mor Demer, funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media in the NEUSTART KULTUR program, DIS-TANZEN aid program of the Dachverband Tanz Deutschland with a support of DOCK ART.