soundance festival berlin 2022

International Festival for Contemporary Dance and Music

soundance festival berlin 2022

The sixth edition of the Festival for Contemporary Dance and Music presents current pieces and new collaborations by international Berlin artists. In addition to choreographed, composed pieces, improvisational approaches to dance and sound find their stage moment in the festival.

Over five days, the festival at DOCK 11 presents a multifaceted program on stage and invites the audience to be close to the current artistic works between dance and music.


The soundance festival berlin 2022 is a project of b.arts.u - berlin arts united gUG in co-production with DOCK ART.
Photo: Ramon Rodriguez



Wed, September 7, 7pm
Hear & Now / Danced Jazztunes
Naïma Mazic / n ï m company (Concept, Choreography, Dance)
Golnar Shahyar (Guitar, Voice, Keys, Percussion)

Thurs, September 8, 7pm (double bill)
Annelie Andre (Dance)
Meinrad Kneer (Contrabass)

Joséphine Auffray (Dance)
Ulrike Brand (Cello)

Fri, September 9, 7pm (double bill)
Akiles (Choreography, Performance)
Calvin Lanz (Music, Sound)

Please Cry
Megumi Eda (Concept, Choreography, Performance)
Reiko Yamada (Composition, Music)

Sat, September 10, 7pm
Maria Colusi (Concept, Choreography)
Edgardo Rudnitzky (Composition, Music)

Sun, September 11, 7pm
Maria Rutanen (Conzept, Co-Creation, Dance)
Valentina Menz (Dance, Co-Creation)
Gábor Hartyáni (Cello, Co-Creation)


Wed, September 7, 7pm
Hear & Now | Danced Jazztunes
Naïma Mazić / n ï m company & Golnar Shahyar

Hear & Now* | Danced Jazztunes is a performance by dancer Naïma Mazić, musician Golnar Shahyar and a record player. The piece is based on songs named after wives and lovers of musicians or written by female jazz musicians. Each a place of encounter - played, danced and/or listened to- moving between connotations of the deeply intimate and the performatively public. Naïma Mazić has been investigating a (poly)rhythmical communication and thinking between dancers and musicians, asking questions such as "What is Jazz-apprehension of time? How can a choreographic score be developed out of the form of a leadsheet?" Golnar and Naïma are performing together for the first time, making and sharing their own moving, sounding, feminine Album.

My Research Is A Jazztune.
♩ = Let Yourself Be Surprised By The Result
Mode: A Position Of Trust

Concept, Choreography, Dance: Naïma Mazić / n ï m company
Guitar, Voice, Keys, Percussion: Golnar Shahyar 

Dramaturgy: Fergus Johnson

Music by a.o.: John Coltrane, Sam Rivers, Golnar Shahyar, Carla Bley


Thurs, September 8, 7pm (double bill)
Joséphine Auffray & Ulrike Brand

In their improvisation Joséphine Auffray and Ulrike Brand explore the possibilities of expansion: time, space, body, surface. Cracks in the bark of a tree are caused by too much expansion during growth and are closed again in the process of overflowing by the so-called wound wood. Cracks in the skin are caused by strong tension in a certain point. Overstretching - crack - healing are therefore natural processes. Where do cracks occur in the interaction of sound and movement? What causes them? How do they grow back together?

Dance: Joséphine Auffray

Cello: Ulrike Brand

Annelie Andre & Meinrad Kneer

Where are we going? You never know. No? But we are here. Now. Forever? Never.
A double bass player and a dancer meet in an empty space and play with the potential of this encounter. Are opportunities seized or have they already faded before they manifest? now/never is an exploration of the fleetingness of sound and movement and the attempt to make them tangible through their relationship to each other. What is that which remains after an intense moment of consciously being with each other? Physical and sonic impulses are constantly released in the space, and each time the question of how to respond to them arises anew: now or never? Does one go into it, with it, away from it? When does the now begin and when is the never final? A multi-faceted dialogue emerges, shaped by momentary, intuitive decisions.

Dance: Annelie Andre

Double bass: Meinrad Kneer


Fri, September 9, 7pm (double bill)
Akiles & Calvin Lanz

Voices that drift in waves, densify and interact together generating notions and movement. We do not only hear sound anymore, for sounds set a mood immediately as these voices start to grow into an image begotten from our perception. This is how the small atomic details form an image out of audible input directly forming visual output. Painting an image of a “what if” situation people’s actions succeeded using true voices of real people from revolutions, demonstrations, and protests from different parts of the world. What if everything went into silence? Silence as an imaginary quality where all our memories are cut off as we are cut off all sound waves freezing into absolute quiet. Is that so, or is silence composed of another voice, that we still cannot hear.

Choreography: Akiles
Music, Sound: Calvin Lanz
Performer: Akiles
Production: Sirine Malas

Please Cry
Megumi Eda & Reiko Yamada

One day, I learned from a photo that my Grandma had been a military nurse for Japan in World War II. After I began my research, the title "Please Cry" came to me. It is inspired by the stories of nurses
finally being told it was ok to cry after being made to feel for years that it was shameful and unpatriotic to cry in the face of the horrors of war. The central idea of the new project is to explore the inner transitions of women's minds as they are forced to make quick decisions in life and death situations, and portray this in an abstract way through the strength of contemporary body language and music. As my collaborator, I am delighted to work again with composer and sound artist Reiko Yamada. We have worked together on several projects since February 2019 ranging from dance concerts to films to site specific theater performances.

Concept / Choreography / Dance / Video: Megumi Eda

Composition / Sound: Reiko Yamada


Sat, September 10, 7pm
Maria Colusi & Edgardo Rudnitzky

Transferred. Displaced. Transplanted. And yet always in the process of putting down new roots. This is the basic ambivalence in the lives of many migrants. In Displaced/Ankommen, dancer and choreographer Maria Colusi brings this feeling to the stage: How do bodies dance at the transition from old to new home? How does the migrant experience - oscillating between here and there, past and future, aspiration and reality - find its physical expression? An intimate family history as a metaphor for the inner conflicts of an entire population group. Danced, thrown and drawn on stage and paper. Displaced/Ankommen is inspired by two pictograms from the image archive of the Migrantas collective. The music and sound accompaniment of the dance piece was penned by the Argentinian composer Edgardo Rudnitzky.

Concept / Choreography: Maria Colusi,
based on material from the archive of Migrantas
Music / Sound: Edgardo Rudnitzky
Costume: Federico Polucci
Text: Geoffrey Schöning
Assistance: Laura Schultis

The piece is funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media in the NEUSTART KULTUR programme, the DIS-TANZEN aid programme of the Dachverband Tanz Deutschland, and by the special scholarship programme of the Senate Department for Culture and Europe.


Sun, September 11, 7pm
Maria Rutanen & Valentina Menz & Gábor Hartyáni

Consolation is a work that explores, through intimacy, sensitivity, and kinesthetic empathy, how the body consoles the other body. It delves into the experience of a shared sensitization of bodies. Bodies sway, rock, hold, and carry each other as a driving force for movement. Intertwined, they orbit around each other. In consolation, the body becomes fragile, exhausted, and enchanted. The work examines caring touch, lamentations, pulsating movement, melancholic melodies, and the tradition of weeping women as possible ways of sharing grief.

Concept / Co-creation / Dance: Maria Rutanen
Co- creation / Dance: Valentina Menz
Co-creation / Cello: Gabor Hartyani