trodden dreams, dim timbre, unleash the beasts... | b12 format ASTEROIDS

jos baker, sam coren, tamara gvozdenovic & kangding ray

trodden dreams, dim timbre, unleash the beasts... | b12 format ASTEROIDS

b12 format ASTEROIDS
This special setting gives dancers the opportunity to have an in-depth experience with one choreographer, working on an idea and presenting it in a performance setting. b12.space

trodden dreams | jos baker

Time flies when we are stressed or having fun. It slows to a crawl in moments of extreme crisis or boredom. We relive our traumas over and over, we replay in our minds an embarrassing moment of the day while trying to fall asleep. Our subjective experience of time is not linear; never has been and never will be. Our fantasies project us into the future, our everyday life is stuck in an endless loop. While time and space are further distorted by our digital lives, our bodies root us in the present or travel with us through time. We consider our relationship to time and how our experience of time affects our relationships. In this performance project, a select group will collaborate with Jos Baker to explore these ideas physically and choreographically. The two-week collaborative process will culminate in a performance.

dim timbre | sam coren

In this process we are all trying to find our dark voice. We use principles not only from dance, but also from mask, mime and clown work to approach the creation. The work often requires versatility from the performer:s as they must move quickly between different genres, movement styles, and characters. Sam's work is very concept-driven and revolves around the idea of satire, sardonic humor, and randomness. It's about building a world, and the more surreal the world, the better. We have an idea, play with it, tear it apart, turn it upside down, and wonder if we're making terrible mistakes. We decide we are, and keep going anyway, until the piece rises from the ashes of our insecurities.

unleash the beasts into the negative space | tamara gvozdenovic & kangding ray
le facteur

Behind Tamara's approach lies a constant process of self-questioning, about how the body finds its place in space and what impact it can have. She wants to take the dancers on a physical and musical research that is constantly in a state of negotiation and adaptability. Exploring a wide range of qualities, we let go of our inner judgments and those of the ego. We move from fluid to abrupt, from a trance state to intentional repetition, from primitivism to architecturalism. The use of electronic and techno music provokes an immediate movement response, brings forth an animalistic body in which the senses are multiplied and the focus is sharp. Tamara grabs the physical attention of the dancers and enables a tangible experience of time and space: past, present and future live together. In this way, movement and transformation become an initiatory exploration to build newness on a neutral but solid foundation. After discovering the universe of Kangding Ray in 2015, Tamara gathered direct responses from dancers around the world to its unique sound. Appreciating the energy, textures and rhythms his music evokes during her classes, she decided to invite the artist to collaborate. These two tireless explorers:inside will open the dialogue between dance and experimental music to further push the boundaries of movement and sound and find a raw and intuitive answer to their common interest: endless sharing. This is the beginning of a new journey.

Duration: 90 min.
Photo: valerianne poidevin