by and with Tomi Paasonen

After his return to the stage in 2020 and following his soli Retrospectrum and antibody, Tomi Paasonen is now presenting his third piece in his solo trilogy on visions of the past, present and future. With Lost And Found, Tomi Paasonen ventures into a distant future and unexplored terrain – a walk into uncertainty, with the sole aim of finding and trying out yet unexplored genres and artistic landscapes. He dances before he can think. He writes poetic fiction inspired by architecture, aesthetics, sociology, entomology and science fiction. And for the first time he is working with his voice to create live soundscapes with the sound artist Alex Nickmann.

In Lost And Found the choreographer has had enough of the world and surrenders completely to his escapist fantasy. Inner and outer abysses, peaks and cracks are explored as the protagonist navigates between limbo, wanderlust and homesickness. But the attempt to escape into imaginary worlds only partially succeeds, because the further away from reality he gets, the more their reflections catch up with him.

Choreography / dance / text: Tomi Paasonen
Music: Alex Nickmann
Costume: Zoe Lohmann
Photos: Jenkins Photography

A production by Tomi Paasonen in co-production with DOCK ART, funded by the Senate Department for Culture and Europe.