Literary dance performance


by Annick Schadeck & Luc Spada with Jeanna Serikbayeva


Unfortunately we have to cancel the performances of Locker Ruf on 05.02.+06.02. Purchased tickets will be refunded via eventim.

One thing is certain: people spend their whole lives waiting. For the tram, in the yoga studio, in the supermarket. Waiting for something to finally happen. Away from here to the next adventure or to ourselves. We are shifting between our own demands, waiting and expectations, between apathy, indolence and the hope that responsibility can be handed over to somebody else. When does everything seem to be fine? Does this point even exist? And once this point is found, why does it necessarily have to be stored, on USB, in a cloud, on a smartphone...?
Locker Ruf is a literary dance performance by choreographer Annick Schadeck and writer Luc Spada, where movement and language meet, collide and repel each other.

The evening is divided into two parts: An intro entitled FOG/BROUILLARD and a short break will be followed by the piece 'LOCKER RUF'.

Concept: Luc Spada and Annick Schadeck
Text and -editing: Luc Spada
Choreography / Dance: Annick Schadeck in collaboration with Jeanna Serikbayeva
Photo: Maria-Luisa Rapela

Concept: Annick Schadeck
Music: Keisuke Matsuno
Dance: Jeanna Serikbayeva, Dhélé Tchekpo Agbetou & Annick Schadeck

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Language: german

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