KLOF. cyberographies of folk

Irina Demina

KLOF. cyberographies of folk

Sa. 14.05. Theaterscoutings Berlin - Audience Talk Mehr Infos

Two dancing bodies on stage. One is a living machine – a human body. The other a programmed machine - an artificial intelligence. Both were trained in folk dances. One five years at the academic dance institution. The other one is a machine learning algorithm that has learned dozens of folk dances from around the world, and has been trained to choreo(cybero)graph synthetized “folk” dances on its own.
Folk dances transmit a heritage of disciplining the bodies by framing them into representations of cultural identities. As we are acknowledging complexities and hybrid identities in our contemporary world, shouldn’t we rethink and hybridise the former “dances of the people” as well? Can artificial intelligence help us to de-hierarchize and reinvent these inherited bodily practices?
With this work, Irina Demina continues her exploration of tradition and technology, as already laid out in her last pieces AcT II (2020) and Perpetual Myth (2021).

Concept, artistic direction, co-choreography: Irina Demina Choreo(cybero)graphy: KLOF model
Co-choreography, dance: Viktória Kőhalmi
Sound design: Michelangelo Contini
Machine Learning programming: Dávid Samu
Computer animation: Yaron Maïm
Stage design: Yue Ying
Costume design: Justyna Gmitrzuk
Light design: Agustín de Olarte, Asier Solana
Visuals & projection: Sven Gareis
Dramaturgical support: Ana Letunić
Production: Tammo Walter
Photo: BU: Dancer Viktória Kőhalmi © Irina Demina (Photos) & Yaron Maïm (Computeranimation).

Language: Englisch
Duration: 50-60 Min.

Funded by Hauptstadtkulturfonds Berlin.
Research supported by Arbeits- und Recherchestipendium (research stipend) and Tanzpraxis scholarship by Senate Department for Culture and Europe Berlin.