hard-cover ctrl, fles-noitalever, safe shore | b12 format ASTEROIDS

victor rottier, arias fernandez, ella rothschild

hard-cover ctrl, fles-noitalever, safe shore | b12 format ASTEROIDS

b12 format ASTEROIDS
This special setting gives dancers the opportunity to have an in-depth experience with one choreographer, working on an idea and presenting it in a performance setting. b12.space

hard-cover ctrl | victor rottier

Don't let go, you love to be in control. Obsessively contemplate the details of life. As strangely limiting as it sounds, we'll rediscover that disguise. Even if today is great, tomorrow will be better. Maybe even as good as yesterday.

fles-noitalever | arias fernandez
om rasa

In this project we will explore contrasting emotions and feelings of people, such as happiness and danger, love and hate, humor and seriousness. We will research and create using contemporary body language, and then add some acting techniques to express ourselves in a more complex way within the story of the play. Participants will learn scenic material, create their own with tools suggested by Arias, and play "om rasa" games with the group to discover unique and new moments and finally develop them into stage material.

safe shore | ella rothschild

The work will follow a short story by Gabriel García Márquez - the most beautiful drowned man in the world. We will create images inspired by the short story and create an alternative visual language and interpretation for the story. We will work with clear instructions and assignments. Participants will work alone, in pairs and in groups according to clear scores to develop scenes that tell little stories. In parallel, participants will learn movement material that will be incorporated into the choreographic score. We will explore how a story can inform our work in the studio. We will use objects and language, and develop our own texts.

Duration: 90 min.
Photo: redvisuals.ch