Come as you are # teil 2

by Nir de Volff / TOTAL BRUTAL

Come as you are # teil 2

The 2 G regulation applies + mask obligation

How do time and space affect our dreams, needs, losses? Which chapters are being rewritten, updated, or deleted?

Together with three Syrian Dancers, Israeli choreographer Nir de Volff created the performance Come as you are # Berlin in the summer of 2017. The work revealed the fundamentally different dancing styles they danced in Syria, and their first steps into the local German dance scene.

Come as you are # part 2 is the continuation of an ongoing research about the cultural adaptation of Syrian refugee dancers to the German dance and performance scene, five years after their arrival in Germany.
Will the dancers be able to erase their embodied histories and start anew, building a new identity to eventually become integrated? And do they want that? Or do they from a distance discover a stronger connection with the origins of their identity and heritage? How does this distance to the dance styles of their home country influence their position as a performer within the complex european-berlin society? Come as you are # 2 articulates the inner conflict of its dancers between identities and realities and their struggle for a self.

Concept / Choreography: Nir de Volff
With and by: Medhat Aldaabal, Mouafak Aldoabl, als Gast Haidar Darvish (The Darvish)
Music: Mathieu Poterie
Costume / stage design: Darwin Stapel
Assistant costume and stage design: Alfie Mor & Sophie Schling
Lightdesign: Asier Solana Arce
Head of Production: Till Rothmund & Jill Emerson
Communication: k3 berlin
Photos: Bernhard Musil

A Production by Nir de Volff / TOTAL BRUTAL.
Supported by: Fonds Darstellende Künste with funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media and Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Europe
With thanks to DOCK 11 – EDEN***** Studios, Berlin