Asphalt Bodies / Concrete Cities Vol. 1 LA LLEGADA

Alexander Carrillo

Asphalt Bodies / Concrete Cities Vol. 1 LA LLEGADA

Asphalt Bodies / Concrete Cities Vol. 1 LA LLEGADA is the first part of a trilogy about the communication between living beings.
LA LLEGADA, inspired by Mari, a city on the Euphrates River in ancient Mesopotamia, deals with the rediscovery of historical origins, current context, cultural heritage as well as their interconnectedness with nature. This first part starts from "Nosotros" ("We") as constantly changing and fluid individuals. With the help of a surrealist aesthetic and psychoanalytical knowledge, Alexander Carrillo creates a structured chaos of a constantly changing metropolis, which makes it possible to experience the utopia of harmonious coexistence in an aesthetic and spiritual dialogue with the audience. In the light of the social and individual crises we are confronted with, LA LLEGADA opens up a different, harmonious interpersonal understanding and proposes a transformation in the way we communicate.

Artistic direction / Concept / Choreography: Alexander Carrillo
Dance / Performance / Creation: Stella Zannou, Oktavia Zoë Vöhringer, Alexander Carrillo, Tarlie Lumby
Dramaturgy: Phi Micheli
Composition / Music: Aérea Negrot
Lighting design: Asier Solana, Fabian Bleisch
Camera / Video: Irene Izquierdo
Graphic design: Tommes Armster
Artistic advice: Fernando Derks
Assistance: Maddi Fuente, Athena Lewis
Photography: Sven Wolfgang, Dieter Hartwig
Production: Alexander Carrillo

Duration: 75 min.