Complex Simplicity - for professionals

with Sita Ostheimer Company

5 days | 3h per day | 11:00 - 14:00

when: 24. - 28. January 2022

where: DOCK 11 EDEN | Berlin

costs: 210,-

application and registration
until 14.Dec 2021

send short bio and video link to


no private text!

for professional dancers only
you will be guided through a specific improvisation technique, which brings you in touch with your understanding of the moving body, thought process and emotions.
connecting to movements through senses, visualisations, imagination
and rhythm.
tension and limits will be recognized and unlocked, new pathways discovered.
In the second half we apply this
technique/awareness of the
learning process of choreographed material.
the movement language
is expressive, fluent, sensual,
groovy and grounded.
workshop will be held according to COVID -19 regulations.