Ulrike Bodammer

Vinyasa Flow Yoga is meditation in motion.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga is a creative and dynamic flowing form of yoga, the origin lies in Ashtanga Yoga, the Indian Hatha Yoga.

The joy of movement is in the foreground in Vinyasa Yoga. Breathing and movement are the focus, as well as the precise alignment of the body positions. Each class has a focus and is unique. The theme of a class varies and is adapted to the needs of the practitioners.

This dynamic flowing yoga style is challenging for the body and soothing for the mind.

The gateway is your body. By moving our bodies, energies begin to flow and self-healing powers are activated. On a physical level, this athletic style leads to more strength, flexibility and endurance. Tensions are released and bad postures are reduced. On the level of the nervous system we can reduce stress and find relaxation and balance.

The more the flow of breathing is practiced and applied, the more intensely the practice is felt and experienced as meditation in movement. In Vinyasa Flow Yoga we learn to focus precisely, to practice mindfully and benevolently and to calm the mind. In this way we find more peace, serenity and happiness.

We are so conditioned in this day and age that the goal is to arrive, to reach a destination. Many have forgotten to appreciate the moment when we are on our way to the goal. Instead of feeling the unstoppable change of life as a burden, Vinyasa Flow Yoga supports the realization of experiencing this flow of life as a liberation and taking one's own happiness into one's own hands.

Ulrike Bodammer began an intensive Kundalini Yoga practice at the age of 16.
1998-2000 certifications in all degrees to Reiki teacher to master in the system according to Master Usui. 1999 graduation from the prestigious circus school in Brussels; "Ecole Superieur des Arts du Cirque" graduation in the main disciplines/techniques partner acrobatics (acro-porté-main à main), flying trapeze (trapéze volant) and contemporary dance. Afterwards Ulrike had several jobs in Belgium and France and then returned to Berlin in 2003, finished her time in the circus world and started her dancing career. Until 2008 she worked full-time as a freelance contemporary dancer for various choreographers, including Jess Curtis/Gravity, in Berlin and San Francisco. Since 2004 she has also worked in various productions for the artist "Tino Sehgal" in museums around the world. Among many others also at the Venice Biennale and the Guggenheim in New York. Even before her first yoga teacher training, Ulrike taught Kundalini Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Meditation and Pranayama to various dance companies. For the well-known choreographer "Meg Stuart/Damaged Goods " Ulrike continues to work regularly as a company yoga trainer and movement coach on tour and in productions.

Education & Degrees:
1999 University Diploma Degree from the Ecole Superieur des Arts du Cirque.
2003 Diploma as fitness instructor at "Swiss Training Fitness".
2009 Graduation Yoga Teacher Training at Spirit Yoga Berlin 200+Std.
2009 Spirit Yoga Pre & Post Natal Yoga Training 50+hrs.
Since then she regularly teaches up to 10. classes a week.

2012 Completion of Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training "Amrit Nam Sarovar, KRI international with "Bibi Nanaki Kaur" 220+hrs.
and directly afterwards
2012 Completion of training as a gong player/ teacher/ therapist. With the last great master of the subject "Nanak Dev Singh Khalsa" in the transformative and healing technique of Yogi Bhajan.
Since then she has been leading a workshop in Kundalini Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation and Gong once a month.
Ulrike is continuously inspired by different yoga styles and continues her education in workshops and classes with international teachers. With joy and passion she integrates the newly experienced into her own teaching as well as e.g. the influences of: Anusara Yoga, therapeutic Hatha Yoga and many more.
Since 2017 she regularly participates in the "Grof Transpersonal Training" Holotropic Breathwork. Mostly in the form of a "module" in Spain "holotrópica".