Saskia Klepsch

Ballet for adults and teenagers
Dance technique / improvisation for children from 9 years.

Oriented to the Waganowa methodology, the focus is placed on individual physical conditions in order to train body awareness not only for the ballet hall, but to gain a further understanding of movements in general. With a clearly structured, methodical structure, special attention is given to the development of placement, musicality, meaningful breathing, perception, use of muscle parts. The focus is on the awareness of one's own body in space and the relationship of dance to the body.

Saskia received her education in classical dance and dance pedagogy at the Academy of Dance of the State University of Music and Performing Arts in Mannheim and graduated with a diploma. She gained her teaching experience in numerous ballet schools. Since 2002 she lives and works in Berlin. She teaches at DOCK 11 and since 2009 she is working as a trainer in methodology / pedagogy for Seneca Intensiv.