Sandra Ohlsson

Streetdance for teenager
* Contemporary Dance

Streetdance from 11 years
In this streetdance course the technical streetdance basics are taught, but also creativity and musicality are encouraged.
Through the open space with creative exercises, group work, combined with classical choreographies, a feeling for body awareness, coordination and movement quality is developed.

Contemporary Streetdance from 15 years
In this Contemporary - Streetdance course the technical basics of Contemporary Dance and Streetdance are taught.
Through the open space with exercises and/or own movement material, coordination and movement quality is promoted. We practice choreographies with Contemporary style as inspiration, and play with creativity, musicality. We work on perception and body awareness.

Contemporary Beginners Adults
It is a class that combines strengthening elements with relaxation exercises.
We deepen the practice of how to move naturally and how to organize in your own body. And how to translate technique into floor work, jumps and body flow.
The combination of big movements going naturally through the body, floor work, jumps and gliding will give you momentum, fulfillment, sweating and the feeling of engaging your whole body.
We work on a choreographed sequence and exercises over several weeks to allow the body to become accustomed and comfortable with the movements, and then move with body and mind as one.

Sandra has trained extensively in contemporary dance, improvisation, theater, and instant composition. She is curious about the body’s ability to adapt, learn, become aware, connect with others, and find new ways for the body to explore movement. She did her dance education at the technical leading School Iwanson International school of Contemporary dance, and Sozo Vision in Motion.
In addition to her education, she completed a certificate in dance teaching. Sandra has danced in various operas in Japan and Munich. She has participated in projects directed for example by Cindy von Acker, Shai Faran, Anna-Lisa Hern, and Leonor Von Salisch.
In 2015 she began to work as a movement creator/director. Dance piece Trottoir 2015, BaraVara 2016 with Linn Eriksson. Performance installation Reflections in 2018.
Currently she is teaching in a lot of different dance and acting schools in Berlin, like Tanzakademie Marita Erxleben, Goldoni Schauspielschule, TU Berlin, Volkshochschule Reinickendorf and DOCK 11. Besides that she is persuing a degree in physiotherapy at the REHA Academy.