Riki von Falken

Contemporary Dance

Luana is an Italian professional dancer, choreographer and international dance teacher based in Berlin. After her formation at ArtEZ Dansacademie NL, Luana danced with several companies and choreographers as N/W Tanzcompagnie Oldenburg, Skånes Danstheater, Constanza Macras-Dorky Park, Oxymoron Dance, Le Ballet de l'Opéra de Tunis, Edd Wubbe, Roberto Zappalà, and more. Known as well for her creations, Luana received Production Funding and support from Theatres and Cultural Ministries of diverse Countries as Denmark, Germany and Italy; since seven years, Luana's works are invited to perform at Festivals in Europe and over the seas. Moreover, Luana has create an unique class-method: 'The physical performance' and 'Spiralling the sqm' which is requested by diverse professional dance companies and professional dance faculties around Europe, as a workshop/masterclass and as a regular class.

Contemporary – The Physical Performance
The class developes through exercise in which we focus on the comprehension of spyrals generation, in orther to reach the maximum performance with the less fatigue.
Through different combinations, the class explores a wide vocabulary of movements coming from different Contemporary techniques integrating elements and principals of other disciplines as capoeira and breakdance.
The class develops synergies through space and different dynamics using the full body possibilities, each exercise concentrates explosion of energies in concomitant with the control.
The movement associations we converge during the class appear to be unnatural but thanks to the spyral`s producing key point we disocover new poossibilites of taking advantages from every movement choice.
Through the lesson we create many on and off balance situations widening up the body activity; therefore we work on the stablity and all the possible ways to catch the body before falling, we learn how to allow ourselves to let go – to body contraints and fears.
The lesson developes on different levels in space, from floor combinations to jumps, the sequences are created focusing on the relation of the core center to the ground, as all the movements we generate come from there as a first human natural contraction from the first breath, we unfold this principal independently from which composition we defy.