Racheal Mauney

Contemporary Dance
Kids dance from 8 years
Improvisation und Contemporary Dance from 14 Jahren

Children's dance from 8 years
The focus of the course is that the children learn to consciously perceive their bodies and develop joy in dance as a form of movement. At the beginning there are small improvisational tasks that draw the attention of the participants to their own bodies and let them arrive in the course. This is followed by warm-up exercises, which at the same time bring energy into the group. Students also work on various choreographies that help them build confidence and personality in their movements and also train movement memory.

Improvisation and Contemporary Dance 14 years and older
In this course, improvisation is used as a technique to enhance the creativity of the participants. The students learn to draw on outside sources of inspiration and incorporate spontaneous movement material that emerges from group dynamics into dance. The course includes equal parts improvisation and technical exercises from contemporary dance. Participants will learn how to work on and with the floor, how to use the body in space, and how to use the body awareness gained in everyday life.

Contemporary Dance Intermediate:
"The class moves from a place of nothing to a place of full bodied movement." We begin on the floor with gentle improvisation exercises, creating awareness of body and mind. This is followed by exercises that bring us from the floor to standing. Each movement exercise builds on the previous one, creating a common thread that clearly connects the individual movements. The class ends with larger sequences of movements in space that involve the floor. Rachael's personal interest in the course is to help participants understand their bodies as well as find a way to move efficiently and with well-being. She emphasizes attention to detail so that participants can learn to have clear control over their movements and develop their own aesthetic in dance.

Rachael is an American dancer, performer, educator, and choreographer based in Berlin. She has worked with choreographers throughout Europe and the United States including: Telmo Q. Branco, Kosmas Kosmopoulos (Luna Park Athens), Alexandra Pirici, Johannes Wieland, Alice Gosti, Katherine Horrigan, Marcus J. Willis, Rob J. Priore, Kyoko Ruch, and Christopher K. Morgan, among others.
Rachael´s work is concerned with dissecting patriarchal oppression, particularly through the lens of the female body. She is interested in the intersection between political activism and performance, and decolonizing her practice through addressing the roles privilege, trauma, and memory play in our physicality. Her work has been shown in North Carolina, Washington DC, Seattle, Stockholm, and Berlin.
Rachael is currently leading the dance film project “Dance Your History” through Dock 11´s online platform, which highlights the perspectives of both professional dancers and children, to reflect which political urgencies are relevant for the next generation. Finally, Rachael teaches courses in improvisation and composition at DIE ETAGE Berlin, and leads open classes at Dock 11.