Lisa Oettinghaus

Modern Dance
Kids Dance & Ballet for Kids

The Modern course combines elements of various contemporary and modern dance techniques,
as well as floor work - release technique, David Zambrano - flying low technique, Limon, Horton and Graham influences.
The training starts with simple exercises for the perception of the body and continues with the learning of different dance techniques, integrated in exercises, up to free body work.
This gives space to get to know and integrate the individual body in its own movements.
Perception and understanding of one's own body and its kinetic forces are the goal of the course.

Children's dance:
In class, As her starting point, Lisa takes the children's natural joy in movement, in experimenting and in doing things together.
The children are given the opportunity to express their feelings and experiences through dance.
In a playful way, they learn age-appropriate movement sequences in order to create fixed dances and their own dances to enrich their dance vocabulary. Lisa takes care to look at the children individually in the dance lessons and to responds to their personal development.

Lisa was born in 1987 in Dortmund, Germany and lives in Berlin. She received her diploma as a stage dancer in 2010, after which Lisa danced with Project Dance in New York, Ad Deum Dance Company in Houston, Texas, Cie. Willi Dorner in Vienna, in productions at the Staatstheater Kassel, and with Cie. Toula Limnaios in Berlin. Lisa Oettinghaus has been working as a dance teacher for over 15 years and has further education in the field of naturopath psychotherapy, dance pedagogy and is the founder and choreographer of DOCK 11's first junior company, the DOCKeleven.