Jeanne Binet


We will move through different exercises that strengthen, mobilize and lengthen all parts of the body. The class is at a moderate pace, which allows us to create subtle awareness of our bodies, and to adjust the intensity individually, so each one works with their own body and level.
By tuning in into our body, building strength and focusing our mind, the class allows us to feel both energized and relaxed by the end of the practice.

Jeanne Binet is a French dancer, choreographer and Pilates teacher based in Berlin.
After obtaining a Bachelor in Visual Arts in France, she moved to Berlin and studied contemporary dance for 4 years at Seneca Intensiv and at Die Etage, from where she received her professional dancer certificate in 2020.
She became a certified Mat Pilates teacher from BASI : Body Arts & Science International® in September 2021.

She explores choreography and improvisation practices, inspired by various dance styles such as Butoh, Hip Hop and Krump. Learning from environments that don’t separate life from the arts also nourishes her passion for human psychology and societal topics.
She aims at finding authenticity and honest connections in all aspects of her life, encompassing the arts, dance, movement, body-mind health, well-being and personal life.

Her dance works were invited to A.PART Festival in 2019 and 2020, and her piece “Unveiled Waters” with Ly Ngyen and in collaboration with composer Naim was invited in 2021 for HofFestSpiele Festival at Theater Expedition Metropolis in Berlin.