Aléna Birzele

Children's dance from 9

In this class we will learn together the first basics of contemporary dance and some dance acrobatic elements. We will start with a dynamic and playful warm-up and then develop and expand our body awareness, our movement repertoire and our improvisational skills through various exercises. The joy of movement and confidence in ourselves and the group will always come first. Together we will develop small choreographies, in which the qualities of the individual participants can come to the fore.

Dance Technique/Improviation from 14 years onwards

In this class we will work together on our improvisational skills and explore spontaneous movement material that emerges with the help of external and internal sources of inspiration, as well as collaboration with the group. We will explore the possibilities of expressing ourselves freely through dance and movement and get to know our individual body language better. We will also integrate technical exercises to constantly expand our repertoire of movement. The course is suitable for all who enjoy movement and want to give free rein to their creativity.

Aléna Emilia Birzele
is a young dancer and choreographer from choreographer from Berlin. After graduating from high school in 2018 she moved from her hometown Hörbach (Bavaria) to Berlin to fully dedicate herself to dancing. First, she completed the Dance Program there at motion*s Berlin under the direction of Stella Caric and Lia Pavlidis, where she expanded her movement repertoire in various classical classical, urban and contemporary dance styles. further developed. In 2019, she began training as a contemporary stage dancer at the ETAGE Berlin. Already during her training Aléna gained many stage experiences in contemporary and Tribal Fusion Bellydance - in collaboration with other choreographers with other choreographers as well as with her own choreographies. choreographies. She also started teaching teaching contemporary dance classes for children, teenagers and adults. in the individual development and expressivity of her students. of her students. In her choreographic work, Aléna is inspired by synesthetic perceptions, nature, photography and painting and tries to create space for tries to create space for individuality and group feeling. In September 2021 her piece "Petit Four" was published in collaboration with TEDx Brandenburg. Besides teaching, she is currently working with young choreographers and artists from all over Germany and is always looking for new ways to develop and bring people together through dance and art.