Workshop formats

If you are interested, please contact Kirsten Seeligmüller:

Short Introduction Motion Capture in Technique and Movement Research

In one-hour slots, six workshop participants each experience putting on a suit, moving and seeing themselves as an abstracted manikin, and operating hardware and software. How do I operate motion capture suits? How does the transfer of my movement to an abstracted motion file work?

Variant 1: Target group: all
Variant 2: Target group: children and young people aged 12 and over

Technique Basics Motion Capture | Software

Short introduction to Rokoko motion capture software. Short introduction to Blender, Unreal and Unitiy, Cinema 4. For what do I need which software? Where can I find ready-made creatures. What platforms are there to find technical support, programmers, 3D artists, etc.? How does Rokoko Motion Capture Suits work. How can I integrate VR trackers.

Technics Basics Motion Capture | Hardware.

Short introduction to Unreal, Face Tracking, Green Screen, HTC Tracking, 3D-Scans with depth camera for example with the Iphone, connection Unreal with DMX light mixer and sound mixer. What is possible with which technology? Information about which universities offer open labs. A list of links to tutorials.

Technique Basics Motion Capture | Hardware

Technology and dance philosophy and etiquette, feminism in gaming, robot ethics, body images, utopian bodies (Foucault), philosophy of medicine, xeonofeminism, motion capture in gaming, advertising and military, racism, misogyny and violence. What are the possibilities of motion capture, with identities, body forms, religion, travel-un-freedom, etc.? A moving theory workshop.