DOCKdigital presents further developments of current projects as well as new productions.


15-18 December 2022
Copy Catch Match
Digital choreographic play by Brit Rodemund, Irina Shutova and Warja Rybakova - inspired by "Catalogue" by William Forsythe.
5pm-10pm in Saal 4

Moved Sculpture | Forever Young
Choreographic Installation by Brit Rodemund
17-22 h in Saal 4

15-18 December 2022
Presentations of the projects of the residency "AR LOOP Machine "
in Saal 4 and 5

17 and 18 December 2022
RING by Felix Ruckert was recorded in full length by using motion capture Rokoko Suits. Creative Technologist Warja Rybakova and Technical Artist Irina Shutova will present the post-production results as a video and a as a VR experience.
5pm-10pm in Saal 1

Opening 1: 14.12.22, 5pm
Opening 2: 17.12.22, 5pm

The detailed programme will be published soon.

During the pandemic, DOCK 11 founded DOCKdigital.
At the interface of body and digital/physical worlds, system/game designers and media artists developed artistic works as interactive installations together with movement reserachers and choreographers.

Many works were presented at the festival "HUMANDROID - Space for immersive and physical Experiences" in September 22, for example by Tobias Staab, Nico and the Navigators, Chris Ziegler, ENTKUNSTUNG and the DOCKdigital Lab.

In the OPEN LAB, DOCKdigital will present further developments as well as new productions.

OPEN Lab has a workshop character, in which the artists present work-in-progress as performances or interactive lectures.