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Some of the projects - video and sound installations, AR installations and improvised performances - will be presented as works in progress during the OPEN LAB from December 15-18 at DOCK 11.


DOCKdigital LAB in cooperation with NICO AND THE NAVIGATORS

Project duration from August 29 to December 4, 2022.

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Kirsten Seeligmüller

If there are scheduling difficulties, please apply anyway, we may offer additional labs. Interested parties with a theoretical background are welcome to accompany the research phase. Organizers and universities are welcome to request workshop formats in areas such as AR, VR, motion capture, AI.


AR Loopmachine
For the past year, the DOCKdigital LAB has been experimenting with motion capture suits from Rokoko - data suits that digitally capture movements of real bodies so that the data can be processed for further use. The motion capture suits can therefore be perfectly combined with Magic Leap glasses. In order to bring these two technologies together in an uncomplicated and flexible way, Oliver Proske and Moritz Kiefer developed the AR-Loop-Machine. With its help, dancers can, for example, develop a pas de deux with a 3D image previously generated from themselves. The audience sees the dancers in real space and, with the help of AR glasses, their animation, which seems to merge with their original in the dance. This technological innovation is made available within this residency so that it can be extended with avatars and explored in further directions.

The goal of the residency program is to expand a network and foster collaboration between 3D, game, systems designers and media artists with chorographers, movement researchers and performance artists.
Another goal of the residency is the further development of the AR-LOOP-MACHINE with avatars / sculptures. So far it is only possible to make motion capture rococo manikins dance. Another goal is to assemble and train teams to offer workshops, tours or labs with the AR-LOOP-MACHINE.

Research for artistic relevance
What artistic relevance do we see in working with the AR-LOOP-MACHINE, for example, if it could be combined with creatures, if artists and their movements could change in gender, skin color, size, etc., thus enabling a play with identities. The transformation of dancers into sculptures that make their imaginary worlds, feelings, energies, etc. visible in dance would also be a research topic. The avatars of the LOOP-MACHINE can dance with suspension of gravity and all physical laws. Avatars or body parts can merge into each other and modify in all directions. It can also change the textures of the surface. The states of aggregation or particles can also be varied A research topic would be to add or remove live or pre-produced figures and beings to the performance.

The AR-LOOP-MACHINE can be connected to all other technical digital capabilities of the DOCKdigitalLAB. This includes, for example, creating 3D sculptures with the HTC VIVE VR glasses with 3D drawing software. Nico and the Navigators is providing 30 AR glasses and AR-LOOP machine programming to this residency program.
DOCK digitalLAB is providing motion capture suits from Rokoko, HTC VIVE trackers, high-performance computers, and space.

Who's For
The call is open to 12 individuals from the fields of. Game, System, 3D Design as well as Movement Researchers, Choreographers or Performance Artists.
Within the residency, working relationships at the intersection of body and digital art should develop, allowing independent work with technology.

Also, if the times do not fit, we welcome applications; if necessary, we can offer additional labs at other times.

Each of the 12 applicants will receive 600 Euro expense allowance or honorarium. In addition, it is possible to participate additionally paid as an assistant at the festival.

Photo: NICO AND THE NAVIGATORS "Du musst Dein Leben rendern"with a piece by Yui Kawaguchi

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